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Korean pop has now immensely popular compare to five years ago. This is because the perception towards Korean artist are not as negative as previous years. All thanks to the second generation of Korean artist which is Big Bang, Super junior and other Korean artist that has spread Korean culture all around the world starting from the music itself. The curiosity towards Korean culture make it possible for the third generation Korean artist to enter the American market.

In terms of talent,  American artist win in this term as they can freely produce music according to their desire and release songs whenever they want. The rights to produce and release the songs will enhance their skills in writing songs as well as their creativity. American industry judge their artist solely based on their talent and the fan don’t expect you to be funny in every variety shows but American artist are rarely seen on variety show unlike Korean artist. On the other hand, Korean groups are talented as well but because of the society, there are needed to be good in many aspects. The fan do not expect you to only be good in singing but also good in dancing, variety show, radio DJ and also expect you to be good looking. If the artist has all this criteria, there is a possibility that they can be popular as the competition in entertainment industry in Korea is really hard. 

In terms of releasing an album, Korean artist usually release the songs in three different language which is Korean, Japanese and Chinese as their population in China and Japan is huge and they need to satisfy the scarcity in the country. While American pop only release a new songs in one language which is English only.

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Not just that but the are huge differences in music producing, music videos and concert between Korean and American pop. American pop usually release the same vibe of songs which is upbeat souls pop or R and most of the songs release are about the artist’s love life, broken hearted or the drama surrounding the artist. As an example, Taylor swift’s song has been about her past relationship and what she learned from her past relationship and turns it into a song. In contrast to Korean, the artist always release a song with different genre. As an example, just recently, one of the top boy band internationally, EXO, has just release a new songs with a mix of pop, reggae and EDM which also been acknowledge by American producer that it is a new genre in the music industry.

Korean spend a lot of money to producing music videos and concerts. The reason why they need grand music videos is because all the views will be count to be able for them to win the grand prize at the end of the year. The fan base of Korean artist is ridiculously huge and the fan are all over the world. To satisfy the needs of the fan and to reach to their expectation, a grand concert is to show how thankful they are towards the fans and fan project usually happens in concert too. Every concerts in any country has their own of fan project and the best fan project maker is in Manila where the fans are fully committed in participating. Every band in Korea has their own official lightstick or goods for the fan to bring to the concert. The concert of a Korean band are more to musical type and interaction or fan services to wards the fan. Vice versa for American pop, there more to singing and talking only without acting like they are in a musical show. Usually American concert do not have as much lighting or big extended stage for them to go nearer to the fans and American artist’s concert are usually only one stage while Korean stage are from one end to another end. 

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