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The Risks.

Why do you go to nails salons? Obviously, to
get the best looking nails! These places also happen to be the best places to
relax and meditate as you wait for your nails to be machined perfectly to look
good. As you lay on that couch have you ever thought about the risks you may be
paving way for? Do you know most nails salons totally focus on the quantity of
traffic they are serving and sacrificing the quality they are giving to their
customers for the sake of monetary value?


Thus it is no wonder for them not to follow
the prescribed disinfecting procedures. They won’t have that time to disinfect
the tool and they will use it on you. I can almost hear you think on the number
of germs that will come into contact with that pretty skin. Cleaning the
footbaths’ drains, can you hesitate to concur with me that this one too will be
messed up with?

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This recklessness is making you vulnerable to
different types of infections some of which you can’t imagine can be
transmitted through visits to the nail salons and that can cause lifelong
health problems and even scary and painful medications. The following are the
top risks and their preventive measures in our reputable nail salon to ensure
our customers are always safe.


difficulties. In a nail salon, there are
dozens of different chemicals used on your nails. So you and the technician are
throughout exposed to inhale these chemicals. Some of the chemicals used as
disinfectants and the artificial nails products contain quantities of quaternary
ammonium compounds and methyl methacrylate which have been associated with
asthma. To curb the prevalence of this risk a salon must be well ventilated so
that the fumes of these chemicals won’t build up in the room.


Great risk of
fungal infections. Fungal infections such
as Athletes foot have a great affinity to heat and moisture which are present
in almost all nail salons. Their breeding grounds are in the foot baths used
before the pedicure. These infections will spread when an infected person uses
the same bath used by other customers. To halt or prevent the occurrences of
this types of infections you should maintain a high hygiene standard of
footbaths which can be done by use of antifungal cleaning agents.


Hepatitis C
Infections. Since Hepatitis C is a virus
that seriously affects the liver and which is widely spread through coming into
contact with the infected blood, make sure that you have disinfected all tools,
chairs, and the footbaths. It is the main reason technicians use gloves when
handling used tools so as to guarantee the safety against this virus.


Acquiring Warts. Did you know that warts are caused by the contagious HPV
(human papillomavirus)? They are quite easily transmitted to you by use of
instruments that are not thoroughly disinfected between customers. The virus
penetrates through tiny skin cuts. The pumice stone also has been identified to
spread the virus if it’s used by multiple customers. To prevent you from
acquiring warts we always disinfect our tools and also pumice stone.


Contracting HIV. If the sanitary procedures are not employed to disinfect
the tools used between customers, HIV may be contracted from the reuse of the
tool like the manicure equipment from an HIV positive person to the other
customer. This why we are very cautious when handling our customers so that you
don’t contract this virus.


Having listed some of the risks that you may
be paving way for, it’s your duty now to always be conscious and cautious of
what is going on when your nails are being done the next time you visit the
nail salon.


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