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The Battle of the Myths
At first glance all myths might dish out fair punishment to everyone, but when
you take a closer look at some of the myths you see that some of the gods are sexist.
When King Midas offended Apollo the god made it so that everything he touched turned
to gold, but in the end he was forgiven. Medusa was changed from a beautiful you
women to a hideous one that turned people to stone just by looking at them all because
she offended Athena. When comparing these two myths we see the obvious sexist
treatments showed toward Medusa. In the myths, women were treated unjustly, but men
like Midas were forgiven for their wrongdoings.

King Midas offend Apollo and then the god made him pay. At first, King Midas
thought it as a gift when he found out that everything he touched turned to gold. Then
King Midas begged for forgiveness and Apollo forgave King Midas him donkey ears.
Then when his hairdresser told everyone he had donkey ears King Midas showed mercy
Apollo forgave him for a second time. Apollo forgave King Midas twice, but Medusa
would not be so lucky.

When Athena turned Medusa into a horrid beast, she did not forgive her. Medusa
offended Athena by being with Poseidon in her temple and she was turned into creature
that turns people into stone, which shows how Medusa never received any forgiveness
from Athena. Then since gods decide fate they had Theseus kill her. Then by having her
head roll along the bottom off the ocean for eternity, which does not show any
forgiveness but more punishment? Medusa was shown no forgiveness for her small deed,
and the punishment is no only worse but it is also sexist, which can be seen when they are

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Sexism an idea not usually put together with myths is very evident when
comparing King Midas to Medusa. King Midas and Medusa both committed minor
crimes, but Medusa received a much harsher punishment. In the story of King Midas, he
was forgiven not once but twice while Medusa was not forgiven at all. This is a blatant
show of sexism by the gods to Medusa, the women. Unfair treatment toward women is
obvious when looking at these stories, but when comparing it to now it has not changed

Since myths help explain what goes on it can be seen that even in ancient times
women were treated unjustly. In todays world it is hard to get a fair shot at a job or
anything because of the sexist world we liven. These stories display poor values, which
are handed down when they are read to young people. The stories make women seem has
lesser people, who deserved to be punished more severely, which is no true. It is
important to remember that when reading these two stories that even though gods back
then treated women unjustly does not give you the right to now.

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