Kids of teenagers are not getting enough sleep

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Kids just hate it when they get home from school and the first thing they do is sit down at a table and pull out homework. Homework doesn’t really have a good purpose for students, it has more of a negative side than it does on a positive one. Having too much homework on a daily basis can cause too much stress, can impact students, free time and sleep, which leads them to have health problems. There are other countries, unlike the United States, who have banned or have less homework and are still succeeding. Kids should be able to live their lives happily, stress free, and educated by not having homework. 

Homework causes stress in a student’s life and it can even put stress on their family’s lives. In a survey of a total of 128 juniors from two private schools, more than 70% of the student’s stress comes from homework and that 56% of those students are already burned out before college (Healthline). If homework’s purpose is to educate the students for further learning, it’s not effective if the students are too stressed to deal with more homework later on in their learning. All of this stress causes students to have migraines, ulcers and other stomach problems, wright loss, and even sleep deprivation. In the United States 90% of teenagers are not getting enough sleep on school nights, which leads them not being able to focus during school. If kids are not to focus in school because of homework, students aren’t doing the homework to prepare themselves for school (CraigCanapariMD). Denise Pope, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education, have assigned less homework for her students and they have scored the same on their test scores. Out of her 4,317 students, only 4% of the students have scored lower on their test after assigning less to no homework. Also the percentage of students missing class has also decreased tremendously after limiting the amount of homework, even in college (StanfordNews). 
Schools in other countries have less homework or have even banned homework. However these schools rank better in duration services than the US. The US should pattern education systems after these countries including banning homework. Finland has one of the best education system in the world and their schools do not assign any homework. The teachers in Finland, unlike American teachers, don’t have to prove to the parents they are doing their jobs by assigning homework. A survey with over 30 different high school in Dallas, Texas, 56% of teachers responded that they assign homework only to show parents what they are teaching in class. Nearly half of those same teachers believe that homework should be lessened because they believe that homework makes students less motivated in school, which will affect their learning during school (BBC). The top 3 countries: Finland, Denmark, and Japan have less homework but still academically successful than the United States. These countries are doing well because of economic differences doesn’t affect on what kinds of education the kids will receive. All of their schools in their countries are academically equal, property tax does not get involve with their school system (TheAtlantic). In Finland the teachers are required to get minimum of three years of master degree on their specific subjects and five years of experience, unlike the US educators only need a bachelor degree. Same with their classroom lessons, the Finland’s schools focus on quality of the materials over quantity of materials students need to be taught. (Smithsonian).

US should use alternatives to replace homework, which will help the students to be academically successful. Also when assigning homework for students, teachers shouldn’t give a close deadline or else the students will be stress and not learn (Edutopia). Schools in the US should only assign homework that is project based, it will benefit the students because it promotes critical thinking, memory, creativity, and it also prepares them for the real world. In a survey by Project Lead Way, 97% of kids who went through STEM programs which only assigns projects pursue a four year degree, compared with 67% of kids who didn’t go through the project based STEM programs (EducationWorld). Having projects which are assignments which are spaced out within multiple days helps students be able to remember the materials. Students forget 95% of what they have learn in high school after 2 years, and only 40% of students forget what they learn in a project based high school in other countries (PragmaticEducation).

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Homework only teaches the students to to be able to do drills and memorize unimportant facts which they will most likely forget the next year. A study of 35 groups in Duke University, homework and achievement were Linked to each other by 77%. In that same study it shows that homework had no relationship with the achievement, it was all about how long the individual students studied for. The students who studied longer than a certain amount leads them to boredom which makes it difficult for the students to learn the materials, and the other students who studied less were happy and was able to learn the materials very easily (DukeToday). An experiment held in two different high schools where one high schools are given homework’s and the others are given a group projects. The high school given the group project homework were able to do problems that was a little complexed than the assignment projects, on the other hand, the high school who were assigned homework were only able to do problems that was simple on the worksheet. Giving kids worksheet only teaches students to be effective on simple problems that are on the paper, but they are not able to do a more complicated problem because it wasn’t on the worksheet (WashingtonPost).

Schools have evolved in their ways of teaching with the rise of technologies, then the same schools should be able to turn away from using worksheets or book reviews from the past. Assigning homework for students leads to stress in their lives and it will not improve them in the future. Most countries from Europe and Asia have changed their ways of education and still succeed. If we want the students lives to succeed in the future, then we need to be able to change from the old traditional ways of homework. 

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