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Easy Recipe – Breakfast Grilled
Cheese for Fast Morning

It’s a thrill with easy recipe of the breakfast grilled cheese while
you’re at fast in the morning. Since the breakfast recipe starts with a butter slice in
bread, it sprinkles with Colby or Monterey Cheese. After that, its fluffy eggs
layer and spices, this makes a great breakfast. When comes the cheese layer,
and then take baby spinach with more cheese. If you use an extra layer on the
top, it’ll make a butter sourdough of different taste. It’s an adventure while
I tell about this breakfast grilled cheese recipe whether you
start it right now. If you hang on for a tasty, crispy and delicious recipe,
just go with me at the proper ways. It’s nor a zany nor a hazy; get a clear and
cool idea for your breakfast.


Here is a so tasty recipe that makes your family happy.
Let’s get a quick look at the making process and what the ingredients are.


General information

•           Preparation
Time: 5 Minutes.

•           Cook Time:
5 Minutes.

•           Total Time:
12 Minutes.

•           Servings: 1



butter – 1 and ½ Tbsp.
syrup – 1 tsp.
aged cheddar – 2 oz.
wheat bread – 2 hand-sliced, 3/4 inch.
orange – ½ large, peel removed and pith, sliced thickness ¼ inch, 4 slices.
bacon – 2 slices, crisply.



non-stick skillet or an iron-skillet of well-seasoned that needs to make
hot over medium-low.
If you
use a small bowl that mashes together maple syrup and butter combination. Spread
half amount butter which needs to mix onto one side of a bread-slice. And
spread maple syrup to another side of the same bread.
buttered side down of the bread on a preheated pan and sprinkle half
cheddar on the slices top side. Then arrange a single layer of bacon.
Cover the pan while need to cook up to 10 minutes. Until melts the cheese
while the bread gets browned.
out the toasted bread to a cutting board while they have bacon. Here,
arrange the slices of orange on the bacon that make a layer.


This way the breakfast item is ready to serve and make half
to serve them. When you make it for your family or for your self, it provides
full pleasure and nutrition. It solves the issue of morning breakfast while it


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