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The Opioid Drug Epidemic has become a huge
issue in todays society. According to Chris Christie more than 175 lives are
lost every day (Christie, 2017). This is a huge issue that needs to be
addressed and addressed quickly. Many families are suffering over many loved
ones dying from drug overdoses. There have been many recommendations for how
the Trump administration can act. According to the letter, Trumps
administration has provided more access to care at treatment facilities, has
educated the people who have already suffered from this epidemic, making sure
the drugs coming into the country are being regulated and to figure out a way
to make a non-addictive drug (Christie, 2017). As a society we must educate
kids, so they know the harmful effects and can avoid these issues before they
get older. There are many people out there are who are afraid to seek help and
we must help them to do so. According the to letter, “only 10.6% of youth and
adults who needed treatment for a substance use disorder receive this
treatment” (Christie, 2017). This is an incredibly low percentage that needs to
be fixed because there are many people who are seeking for help but aren’t
getting it and they are losing their lives because of it. The commission
recommended that we provide access to non-opioid pain alternatives such as
physical therapy and non-opioid medications. They also talked about how they
need to find way to help everybody who is affected by this drug epidemics.
These people include, the drug addicts themselves, families, and first
responders. The Opioid Drug Epidemic is becoming a huge issue today and is
killing many people. In order for this to stop Trumps Administration needs to
take these recommendations into account and put them into full effect.

There are many causes that contribute to
the Opioid Drug Epidemic. Many people that use opioids have different reasons
for why they use them. Some of these causes consist of genetics, environmental,
and psychological issues. When looking at genetics if you have a parent or both
parents who have an addiction you more than likely will have an addiction
yourself (Mount Regis Center, 2017). Although this is the case in most
situations it is possible for a person with parents who have an addiction to be
not addicted themselves. Another cause is environmental issues. What this means
is that people who are living in an environment with drug addicts will more
than likely develop an addiction later in their life (Mount Regis Center, 2017).
Therefore, we need to educate kids because they are young and need the advice
to avoid becoming an addict later in their life. If we make young kids aware of
the harmful effects and show them how it affects not only them but their loved ones,
then we can prevent them from becoming an addict. It is an absolute must to
educate kids while they are young because as they get older and experience more
difficult obstacles in life it may be too late to prevent them from becoming
addicted. This last cause is psychological issues. This is the most common
cause of addiction because psychological issues consist of mental illnesses and
depression (Mount Regis Center, 2017). There are people out there who struggle
from mental illnesses and depression but instead of seeking help multiple
people believe that drugs are the answer. This is a huge contributor the drug
addictions in the U.S.

There have been many regulatory issues
that have contributed to the overuse of extended release oxycodone. One of
these regulatory issues are patenting extended-release oxycodone. Purdue was
able to patent the extended release oxycodone in the United States. Oxycodone
was originally used in Germany but was introduced in the United States in 1939.
Oxycodone was used for treating pain but the creators didn’t realize how
addictive this drug was. This drug was Purdue’s highest grossing drug
generating sales of 170 million dollars (Sarpatwari, 2017). Eventually Purdue
combined contin and oxycodone to form extended-release oxycodone which the U.S.
government issued a patent for. This was a regulatory issue because even though
Purdue new how addictive this drug was they generated so much money that they
looked right past the effects. The second regulatory issue is extending market
exclusivity for extended-release oxycodone. As the expiration of Purdue’s
patent was coming up they started to acquire secondary patents which the FDA
approved. (Sarpatwari, 2017). This wasn’t good because Purdue was doing
everything in their power to make sure that the combination between contin and
oxycodone remained theirs. This combination generated so much money for them
that they couldn’t possibly afford to lose it. “The company additionally filed
a citizen petition asking the FDA to refuse to accept generic versions of the
extended-release oxycodone” (Sarpatwari, 2017). Meanwhile generic drug
manufacturers were challenging the secondary patents. Although the generic
brands won the challenge they remained off the market. This gave Purdue the
opportunity to keep generating a large profit. This is a regulatory issue
because they need to make sure that these drugs are affordable if they are
going to cut off generic brands. The last and third regulatory issue is
enforcing marketing standards against Purdue. 
Purdue was falsely promoting and advertising their drug. They claimed
that it lasted a certain amount of time and it most certainly did not. This is
a regulatory issue because how are you supposed to gain customers and make a
profit when you are getting fined for falsely advertising your products.

The issues that need to be addressed to
control the supply side measures to combat the opioid epidemic are to reduce
the amount of supply for prescription opioids and to have a tracking system to
regulate these drugs. By reducing the supply of prescription opioids, it means
that they are becoming stricter with how they issue these prescriptions to
people. They are monitoring it closely to make sure that are prescribing these
drug to people who truly need it and will not become addictive. They are
targeting pill mills, and pain management clinics to by making mandatory
inspections monthly (Sarpatwari, 2017). Most states enforced a prescription
drug monitoring program which means they will be able to track what medications
a patient previously received. This will reduce the amount of addiction and
will prevent deaths in the United States.

The under lying reason for the shift from
prescription opioids to heroin and fentanyl is because the use of illicit
opioids started to grow rapidly. There has been an increase in death due to
heroin related deaths over the span of four years. According to the document
“Between 2010 and 2014, heroin-related overdose deaths increased 248%”
(Sarpatwari). This is an issue that needs to be addressed because there are
people dying from heroin overdoses every day and we aren’t doing anything about
it. Also, there has been an increase in acquiring fentanyl because people who
are not in factories are starting to make it in the street. This gives people
easier access to the drug even though it is a more potent opioid. Deaths all
over the United States increased due to the consumption of fentanyl. There has
been an increase in the use of illicit opioids because they are easier to get,
and it makes it harder for the government to monitor. There are people out
there dying because of these and there’s nothing the government can do because
they are having a hard time tracking this drug.

Fraudulent Marketing has played in a
significant role in the national opioid epidemic. There are many companies who
false advertise throughout every type of business. What makes fraudulent
marketing so significant when talking about the opioid crisis is that false
advertising can lead to death. From a company’s standpoint they false advertise
to generate a greater profit even though it is not ethically right. Drug
companies who falsely advertise look to pay billions of dollars in fines
because they aren’t providing the correct information to people. They hide the
health risks of taking these drugs which lead to people dying. Although,
pharmaceutical companies often get caught when it comes to false advertising,
there is still companies out there that do it because they know that it
generates such a big profit that they are willing to take the risk.

7.)    Crisis Management


Make restrictions on the accessibility to
these drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies need to monitor
and track what individuals recently received and what they need.

Hold companies accountable for false
advertising because its tricking people into taking these drugs without knowing
the health risks and its causing many deaths.

Educate kids while they are young because
if we can reach out to them at a young age and show them the health risks then
hopefully we can stop them from becoming an addict.

Make supply clinics and rehab centers more
accessible for addicts who are struggling.

Make addiction treatment easier to get.

Keep drugs from coming into the country.

Keep the drugs off the street because they
are more potent.

Look at all the other factors that lead to
drug use.


Have a crisis management team that is

Develop a plan for how we as a country can
address this issue effectively and efficiently when it occurs.

Educate our young community so that they
do not become addicts.

Being able to reassure the people and
families in our community or country when a tragedy like this occurs.


Respond to addicts who are looking for
help by providing them with rehab centers and clinics.

Make mandatory classes for young kids to
educate them and prevent them from becoming addicts.

Enforce laws on these drugs and keep them
from coming into the country.

Hold companies accountable for false

Putting strict restrictions on the ability
to get these drugs.

Root Cause Analysis

Address the cause when it is known and
figure out a way to avoid it so that it doesn’t happen again.

We need to make sure that pharmaceutical
companies are closely monitoring these drugs.

Being able to provide help to addicts will
reduce the amount of drug overdoes each day.


Develop a health plan so that these
addicts can get the medical treatment that they deserve.

As a country we need to take in all
recommendations and put them to use so that we can prevent drug overdoses
occurring every day.

This is an extremely critical situation
that needs to be addressed and addressed quickly because there are thousands of
people dying every day from drug overdoses.

We may not be able to stop drug overdoses
completely but as a country if we take these considerations seriously and put
them to use we can certainly reduce drug overdoses which is a start.

(4 I’s):

Issues- The
issues in the opioid epidemic is that there are too many people dying every day
from drug overdoses. This has become a huge issue in our country and we need to
do something about it. As a country we can prevent an issue like this by
educating younger kids. If we can educate these young kids about the health
risks and the long term affects that it has on loved ones, then we can prevent
them from becoming addicts. There also needs to be restrictions on what
pharmaceutical companies can hand out. Pharmaceutical companies need to develop
a monitoring system which tracks what individuals recently have been given.
This will reduce the amount of drug overdoses each year. Another big issue is
that pharmaceutical companies are falsely advertising drugs to generate a
bigger profit. This is ethically wrong and they need to be held accountable for
their actions. We also need the government to regulate these drugs and prevent
them from coming into the United States. This big issue is that there are too
many people dying of drug overdoses and by following these steps may not be
able to prevent them, but we can certainly reduce the deaths each year. There
are so many families out there who have lost loved ones to drug overdoses and
its time that this country does something about it to help them.

Interests- The
people who would be interested in this epidemic would be the drug addicts
themselves, the families who have lost loved ones to drug overdoses,
pharmaceutical companies, and law enforcement. The drug addicts themselves
would be interested because they are the one who have the addiction. There
needs to be clinics and rehab centers to help them, so they don’t make the same
mistake repeatedly. The families of these drug addicts would also be interested
because they have been through the whole process of losing a loved one and that
is not a good feeling. Pharmaceutical companies are also interested because
they are the ones who hand out these prescribed drugs. If they develop a
monitoring system, they can reduce drug over doses in the United States.
Lastly, law enforcement and first responders would be interested because when
somebody overdoses on drugs they are the first ones to show up and they are the
ones who have to tell the families that they lost a loved one.

The institutions would be pharmaceutical companies, congress, and the FDA.
Pharmaceutical companies would need to make sure that they are monitoring these
drugs so that they don’t get into the wrong hands or into the hands of an
addict. They also need to be held accountable for false advertising. Leading
people to believe there are no health risks to using your product is ethically
wrong. Congress would ultimately make the final decision on how much
pharmaceutical companies would be fined for false advertising. The FDA needs to
regulate these drugs and make sure that they are safe and approved before
sending them out. The FDA should not be approving any drugs that are known to
have health risks and could even cause death.

Information- People
who need a drug for medical reasons need to make sure that it is prescribed,
and they are not getting it off of the street. If they get it off of the street
it could be dangerous. As a country we need to educate young kids about the
health risks and the possible damage it could have on not only your life but
your loved ones as well. The more knowledge kids have about the harmful effects
these drugs cause the less drug overdoses we will have. People also need to be
provided with the correct information about a drug before using it, so they
know that it is safe. The more accurate and valid information we provide to
everybody in this country especially young kids is another step into reducing
drug overdoses in this country.

opioid drug epidemic has become a huge issue in our country. There have been
many deaths, and many who have been affected by these deaths. More people are
dying from drug overdoses than they are from fighting at war. Instead of
sitting around its time that our country did something. This is why there has
been a letter sent to the president, and many other people crying out for help
to prevent drug overdoses. There are many ways to prevent these drug overdoses
such as monitoring these drugs, regulating drugs, educating young kids, and
making it easier for addicts to attend clinics and rehab centers. By following
these steps we can reduce the amount of drug overdoses one day at a time and I
believe that’s a good start to ending this epidemic.

Action: As
a country we need to act to stop this epidemic. As talked about up above we
need to educate young kids on the health effects of using these drugs and
prevent them from becoming addicts. If we are able to educate them at a
younger, we can get to them before its too late. People use drugs for different
reasons. The reasons can vary from just doing it for fun, depression, or in
some cases medical issues. To help addicts we can make it easier for them to
attend clinics and rehab centers. Pharmaceutical companies can monitor and
track what is coming in and what is going out. By following this action plan
and applying these steps we can make a huge contribution in reducing the deaths
from drug overdoses.

have learned that instead of just sitting around and continuously reading
statistics about how many deaths occur due to drug overdoses each year it is
time to do something. Reading the letter written by Chris Christie to Donald
Trump has really opened up my eyes and hopefully many others to act and stop
this opioid epidemic. Families who have been affected by losing loved ones to
these drug overdoses have cried out for help and no action plan has occurred.
The fact that more people are dying from drug overdoses than they are at war is
very scary and that needs to change. The president and our country as a whole
with needs to seriously consider finding out ways to stop this opioid epidemic.
We may not be able to stop this epidemic completely, but we can certainly
contribute to reducing deaths from drug overdoses each day by following these
action steps listed above.




“Opiate Abuse &
Addiction Effects, Signs & Symptoms.” Mount Regis Center,

Ameet. “The Opioid Epidemic: Fixing a Broken Pharmaceutical Market.” pp. 1–22.





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