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Keep your fears at bay during a drinking session for we have for you the best liquors to drink straight for a newbie. Make sure you have these drinks in stock so you and your buddies can enjoy it together.The alcoholic beverage has been around for as old as the primeval age. Ancient lands like China and Egypt show traces of fermented drinks mainly using grapes and rice. Aside from fermenting, we also have the distillation process which extracts components like water. The alcohol content is then increased making the liquor harder than fermented ones. There are plenty of liquors to choose from in the market but for a newbie, you may want to stick to drinks with low alcohol content. A perfect suggestion is a wine, beer, or sake. You can see other options on our list of 15 best drinks for first time drinkers. See if there is something that may catch your attention and give it a try. However, if you are into drinks with higher alcohol content, make sure it is something smooth and easiest liquor to drink straight. Observe yourself if you are quick to get drunk. You can slowly upgrade to liquors with a hard kick. We can never tell though for your friends you are having a drink with. Each person has different alcohol tolerance. Some of the 11 easiest alcoholic drinks to digest are among the best tasting alcohol that gets you drunk but won’t mess your tummy and your drinking buddies’ tummy as well.Copyright: dasha11 / 123RF Stock PhotoIt is advised to be mindful of our alcohol intake. Drinking moderately may give you positive effects on your health especially to your heart and brain. It lowers the risk of heart attack and helps in protecting the brain’s blood vessels. There are Scotch’s and bourbon’s which are the best liquor to drink straight from the bottle. However, a too much alcoholic drink can cause damage to your health. Liver inflammation is one of the risks that you will encounter if you drink too much liquor. It can progress and lead to cancer not only to our liver, but complications to colon and breasts to mention. For a newbie who is loving liquor as time flies and discovering various brands, you must give value to your money. Don’t waste on drinks that are cheap yet the taste will only disappoint you. There are liquors which price is within the range of what you can afford yet the quality of the drink is best smooth liquor you can ever taste.We are aware that each person has their different perspective on what is the best drink for them. It is difficult to tell whether the item on our list will suit your standards. But here at Insider Monkey, we gather and offer you the best choices so we were able to complete the list with the help of these forums: Quora, Body Building, and Reddit. We took into consideration as well the insights from bartenders about the best liquor to drink neat. The items are ranked using alcohol by volume, so expect that the ones with low alcohol content peaks the list.Let’s find out the 7 best liquors to drink straight for a newbie.7. LaphroaigAlcohol by Volume 40%Irish monks are the ones who introduced the distillation to Islay. Donald and Alexander Johnston are the farmers who took the risk and brought us the product, Laphroaig. A whiskey with a tasty mix of salty, fiery, and sweet. It smells like heaven that you might not want to share it with your drinking buddies. But hey! It is more fun to share a drink with people of the same craziness as you are.  6. JagermeisterAlcohol by Volume 35%Curt Mast is the founder of Jagermeister which is formulated in Wolfenbüttel in Germany. Herbs and fruits are among the fifty-six ingredients used in crafting this unique drink. The logo of a stag with a glowing cross in between its antlers is taken from the story of Saint Hubertus who saw the animal. It opened his eyes to greatly respecting nature paving way for him becoming the patron saint of hunters. The popularity of Jagermeister up to this day proves that it stood the test of time where every generation encounters various changes.  5. Disaronno OriginaleAlcohol by Volume 28%Dominico Reina started selling Disaronno Originale in her store located in the heart of Saronno. It took form in a cylinder shaped bottle which later on switched to a squarer shaped one. This drink with secret ingredients gained popularity in Europe and in the US in the 1960’s. An Amaretto drink bears the almond flavor. It can be added to coffee or into some of your recipes. This Italian liquor has come a long way from its humble beginning as it is one of the most sought-after drink worldwide.  4. Tequila RoseAlcohol by Volume 17%Tequila Rose is peaking at number four on our list of 7 best liquors to drink straight for a newbie. It contains a dash of fierceness yet smooth and has an easy taste. The creamy and strawberry flavor dominates the tequila, but not too sweet, that you can drink it straight up. Other flavors are Java and Cocoa. Tequila Rose is taking your drinking session at a different angle where you can enjoy tequila and cream and strawberry at the same time.  3. Baileys Irish CreamAlcohol by Volume 17%It is in Dublin where Baileys started. David Dand who envisioned a liquor of uniqueness. Along with his team, they came up with the finest whiskey and rich dairy cream, both are popular in Ireland. It was tough getting the correct formulation where the cream and whiskey will not separate. With various experiments and team effort, the correct formula for Baileys Irish Cream is perfected.  2. Sloe Gin FizzAlcohol by Volume 10%Sloe drupe is among the plum fruit family. By soaking the sloes to gin, you can create your very own sloe gin. You have to add sugar to extract the sloe juice. Adding a sparkling wine or soda to the said mixture will result in sloe gin fizz, a cocktail drink. You can garnish it with blackberries or any fruit of your choice.  1. Apple CiderAlcohol by Volume 4.5%-5%Peaking at number one for our list of 7 best liquors to drink for a newbie is Apple Cider. The hard cider is a product of fermented apple juice. You can add bourbon, wine or rum to innovate various cocktail drinks garnished with your fruit of choice. Apple cider is popular in various parts of the world.  

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