Kayli Hoffman 3600 Portersville RdJasper, IN 47546Dear John Green, I never truly believed that a single book could change my life…then I read your book, The Fault In Our Stars. Let’s just say that I was proven wrong. This book sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions; I cried, I laughed, and I learned. More importantly, it changed me, and the way I view the world. The biggest thing your book taught me is that I need to stop demanding answers and start living in the questions. In the book, Gus and Hazel have monstrous question marks over their future. Their “what ifs” are about life, death, love, and loss. I used to worry about the “what ifs” way more than necessary. The future is a mystery and the past can’t be changed. Living in the moment had a whole new meaning after reading this book. Because we never know what is going to happen with the people who we love in our lives, we have to cherish our time /with the people in our lives right now. In the book, Hazel is trying to enjoy her time with Gus while they are both still together.  As Hazel acknowledged, “Some infinities are bigger than others.” I take this partially, as we sometimes are given more or less time with the people in our lives that we truly care about. Some infinities are bigger than others, but it is what your personal infinity is made up of  that makes it count.As your book says, “The world is not a wish-granting factory”. Maybe there will always be someone who has more than you, or that you think is “better” than you. But you have to realize you are enough. Not only are you enough, you are perfect in your own way. I developed a deeper appreciation for what I have instead of hating the life I’ve been given. Some people are given worse hands than others….some battle cancer, some don’t have a family, and some struggle in school. Of course everyone, including me, loves to believe in fairy tales and happy endings. But reality is that not all endings are happy, and fairy tales don’t exist. I only have one live, and I want to make sure that I make it count. We are all on a roller coaster and we should all hope that it only goes up. Augustus Waters feared oblivion and wanted to be remembered. In the past I have felt the exact same way. He didn’t want to die without making his impact on the world. Which I without a doubt understand. Hazel Grace encourages us to ignore the fear of  inevitability of oblivion for it will come no matter what. I now understand that whether you make an help one person or one thousand people, you will make a difference. It’s okay to be loved deeply instead of widely–some people would even argue that it’s better.It’s important to enjoy the simple pleasures. For us to recognize that life, in fact, is not fair, but that we must still make the most of the time we have. Above all, I have come to the realization that life can be good, if we only allow it to be. This book will forever be in my heart. I can never thank you enough. It was a privilege to have my heart broken by this book.

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