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Kayley EatonPeriod 71/5/18The genes that we carry can often be a mystery to us but through genetic counseling our genes can be made known. There are many genetic disorders that we can have but they aren’t always visible on the surface. We may be carrying genetic disorders that can be passed onto our offspring which is one of the reasons why we should be screened for our genes before having children and marriage. Knowing the genes of an unborn baby can also be very crucial: if the child were to have a genetic disorder you can know before the child is born. Some genetic disorders can be visibly seen while other disorders can not. By knowing our genes we can know what genes we will pass on to our offspring and if we or our offspring have a genetic disorder.Initially, through genetic counseling we can know our genes. Knowing our genes comes with many advantages being that doctors can know of illnesses or diseases that can make the carrier sick. Because the disorders can be identified easier, it makes diagnoses more accurate and treatments more effective for the patient. For instance, if you have fair skin opposed to dark skin you are at a higher risk for skin cancer differing from people with dark skin, this can be seen as a genetic disorder. Additionally, by knowing your genes you can know what genes you are most likely to pass onto your child. If you wanted a child to have blue eyes and you were dominant for blue you would want to find a partner who is also dominant for blue eyes for the highest possibility of your offspring having blue eyes. Truly, knowing your genes can help you to know if you have a genetic disorder and what genes you’ll be most likely to pass onto your children. Furthermore, prenatal testing-the testing of the genes of an unborn child- can help parents to know if their child will have a deadly genetic disorder or will be at risk for diseases or disorders. By being able to know ahead of time parents can be prepared if their child has a genetic disorder. Women are usually offered a prenatal scan within their first trimester of the pregnancy. Although there are monosomy and trisomy disorders, you can also pass on the cancer gene along with other disorders. Most genetic disorders are recessive disorders, meaning you and your partner have to be tested positive for the gene. However, even if you and your partner are tested positive as carriers,  the odds of you passing that gene onto your child is only twenty-five percent.  For one thing, if you test positive as a carrier for a certain disorder you can consider and egg or sperm donor to further ensure that your child will be healthy. Overall, choosing prenatal testing before getting pregnant or even in the early stages of your pregnancy will truly have its benefits. Also, you should be required to have a genetic screening before marriage or having children. Again, this ties into the rest of the paper that being tested and knowing your genes can ensure that you have healthy and strong offspring. Being tested before trying to get pregnant can be very helpful to know if you will be passing on any harmful diseases and also gives you the time to consider a sperm or egg donor and even possibly adoption if needed-if the diseases are deadly. Because different illnesses can come from even your ethnicity or family history it is important to get screened-certain ethnic backgrounds are at a higher risk for diseases that other may not. Being tested for your genes will not only benefit your future children but also yourself. Therefore, if you had a genetic illness that you were unaware of, being tested would make you aware of it and you might be able to stop it before it becomes too out of control. Overall genetic counseling and prenatal testing will best be able to be used to help prevent, diagnose, and treat genetic disorders. Citationshttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1071575/https://www.livescience.com/45949-prenatal-genetic-testing.htmlhttps://www.parents.com/getting-pregnant/genetics/tests/health-101-genetic-testing-before-during-pregnancy/

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