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Katniss Everdeen explores district 12 after it was destroyed by president snow. She has no other choice but to settle in district 13 and live a strict life. She offers to become a high military official known as the Mockingjay. Her demands as Mockingjay is to give immunity to all victors of the Hunger Games. On top of this, she wishes to kill President Snow by going on a secret mission set up by district 13. Katniss’s role starts by traveling to district eight to shoot a propaganda, ensuring people that the Capitol is soon to fall. During this time, Peeta saves the rebels by giving them a warning on the television that the Capitol is going to attack. Fortunately, the rebels survive the attack and form a small team to save victors from the Hunger Games held at the Capitol. Peeta and Annie are saved and brought to district 13 and Peeta is declared to be “Hijacked” by the Capitol to think that Katniss is an enemy. Katniss is afraid that he’ll never be healed and travels to district two with Gale to plan an attack on a mountain holding the Capitol’s military base. During the attack, Katniss is shot and brought back to district 13 to recover. After her recovery, she joins a special unit that films during their combat with Gale, Finnick, and Peeta. Unfortunately, Boggs dies during combat and passes on leadership to Katniss and proceeds to inform her unit about killing President Snow. On the journey to the Capitol, many of her fighters die, including Finnick. As the battle continues, many children die in the crossfire, including Katniss’s sister, Prim. On the other hand, the rebels take control and capture president snow. Katniss interrogates President Snow and is informed that he did not call the attack on her sister, instead it was Coin. After hearing this, she breaks down and tries to think who she should believe, President Snow or President Coin. On the day of the execution of President Snow, Katniss decides to kill President Coin instead, but President Snow does not live long after because he dies due to a huge crowd going crazy. With all this, Katniss is put in trail for killing President Coin. As time passes in the trial, she continues to feel devastated and later released from trial and sent back to district twelve that is still broken. Peeta is also sent to district twelve and he meets Katniss who decides to have a normal life with him by developing a real relationship and having children.

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