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Karan ChelaniOf Mice And Men Dialectical JournalsJournal #1  Chapter 1 and 2Quote:”Lennie dabbled his big paw in the water and wiggled his fingers so the water arose in little splashes; rings widened across the pool to the other side and came back again. Lennie watched them go.’ Look, George. Look what I done.'” (Page 3)Analysis:Lennie seems to be described as more of an animal than a person and that can be seen by the description of how his hands are more like paws. The way he talks to George also seems childish. It seems as though he looks up to George. They are opposites and it seems as though George is the brain and Lennie is the brawn.Quote:'”I could pet it with my thumb as we walk along'” (Page 6)Analysis: Lennie is talking about a dead mouse right now and from what I can tell he likes nature to some extent but my guess is he killed the mouse so he is to strong for it. Along with that Lennie also seems as though he doesn’t care about the mouse being dead which freaks other people out. Finally it seems like he has a mental disability that makes him more like an animal than a personQuote: “‘I could get along so easy and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail. I could live so easy and maybe have a girl'”(Page 7)Analysis: Does George resent Lennie? If so, I would get why but what is their relationship and why does George stay with Lennie? All though that may be true, George didn’t have to say that right in front of Lennie because even if he isn’t smart, i’m sure he has feelings too.Quote:”‘ That was your own Aunt Clara. An she stopped giving them to ya. You always killed them” (Page 9)Analysis:So he defiantly killed the mice but what interests me here is that it seems that Lennie has a very bad memory which makes me wonder what mental illness he could suffer from. Amnesia possibly. Also it could be a dissociative disorder as well as AcromegalyQuote: “‘ Jus wanted to feel that girls dress'”(Page 10)Analysis: It seems like Lennie got them both fired from their last occupation by touching a girl the way he did a mouse. I truly believe that Lennie did not mean it and that the incident wasn’t for the purpose of sexual harassmentQuote: ‘He’s my… cousin'” (Page 22)Analysis: The way that he halts, it seems like he is lying. If that is the case then why does George truly help him out if Lennie makes his life so hard.Quote:”‘ I wasn’t kicked in the head by a horse, was I George?'” (Page 23)Analysis: I want to make an inference that in this time it was hard for those who suffered from mental illnesses to find an occupation. That’s why I presume that George Lied. Quote: “‘I’ve seen her give Slim the eye.'”(Page 28)Analysis: With a little bit of foreshadowing, I feel as though Curley’s wife will pose as  a problem just like the other girl did in Georges old occupation. There will definitely be a misunderstanding especially since she is pretty much described as a harlot. Quote:.”‘… we’ll shove off and go up the American river and pan for gold'”(Page 33)Analysis: So obviously this is around the time of the Great Depression and people are also tryna find gold so Gold Rush time period ish. Are they close to California? Quote:”I drowned four of them right off…'”(Page 35)Analysis: This isn’t really important but im really against all the killing of animals and stuff in here and it makes me feel kinda sick but also this quote shows that the weak are not tolerated.Thesis: Steinback uses this motif of the weak being controlled by people who are more intellectual in order to display the relationship between George and Lennie.Journal #2 Chapter 3 &4Quote: ” George spoke proudly. ‘Jus tell Lennie what to do an he’ll do it if it don’t take no figuring'”(Page 39) Analysis: This quote is important for a multitude of reasons. Firstly it shows that George and Lennie are gaining appreciation around the ranch. Also, George has a sense of pride in lennie which is interesting because in the previous chapters he seemed like more of a drag to George than anything else. This also leads me to think that George may just use Lennie in order to further his own self goals and desires. Quote: “‘Him and me was both born in Aburn. I known his Aunt Clara….'”(page 40)Analysis:  It is interesting that he is telling Slim everything about his past as George use to be very crafty when he spoke and would have to withhold information for some reason. Another important thing that this quote provides is showing that George and Lennie have a deep connection together that is rooted all the way from childhood.Quote: “‘ I’ve been around him so much I never notice how he stinks…. “No I couldn’t do that. I had im to long”(Page 45)Analysis: This quote talks about the relationship with Candy and his dog and it seems as though it is very similar to George and Lennie, George being candy and Lennie being the dog. I predict that just like the dog Lennie will lose his use and everyone will want him gone but George will want him to stay. Quote: “Tell about the house, George” (Page 57)Analysis: This isn’t much of an analysis but I really like the dream they have and it seems as though this is a really great dream to have. It seems beautiful and perfect, it make sense why they are working toward it.Quote: “He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennie’s paw.”(Page 64)Analysis: They describe him once again as an animal when all he does is defend himself. I really don’t like this.Chapter 4Quote: “Why ain’t you wanted?” (Page 68)    Analysis: Though he is portrayed as being unintelligent, Lennie has a beautiful soul. He cares and loves so much for animals, he is a loyal friend, a hard worker, and moreover he doesn’t have constructs of racism and superiority in his head. Quote: “Lennie’s face wrinkled with apprehension”(Page 72)Analysis:  This looks like it’s going to be a Lennie appreciation chapter, it’s just so cute how much he loves George. Its as if they are brothers. Also, I don’t get why Crooks is being like this to Lennie.Quote: “Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land.” (Page 74)Analysis: Crooks seems to be very pessimistic and ruined my happy image of George and Lennie’s house and I’m sad. It make me think that maybe this dream of Georges has more flaws than I may have thought of before. Quote: “…. why i’d come lend you a hand.”(Page 76)Analysis:  I really like how there are people coming together and how they all have different talents that make up for their disabilities. I really want them to get this property. Thesis: Steinbeck uses flashbacks and character traits to show the unyielding loyalty that Lennie has to GeorgeJournal #3  Chapter 5 & 6Quote: “He picked up the pup and hurled it from him” (Page 85)Analysis: This shows that once again that Lennie is very strong and doesn’t realize what he can do. Along with that he seems to be filled with rage when things go wrong and I think that this will be a problem for him in the futureQuote:”Why can’t I talk to you? I never get to talk to nobody and I get awful lonely.” (Page 86)Analysis: Before reading this, I characterized Curley’s wife as being bad, but I can honestly sympathise with her because she seems like she is lonely and she actually needs someone to talk to. It is obvious that her husband doesn’t treat her right from the way he is described. Quote:”‘Let go’ she cried ‘You let go!'” (Page 91)Analysis: This seems to be very reminiscent of what happened to him back at his old occupation. I wonder if here, since the guys seem to dislike Curley’s wife, if Lennie can get away with this.Quote: “I ain’t goin to let them hurt Lennie” (Page 95) Analysis:  This quote shows that George does have a deep feeling of concern for Lennie and because of this he wants to make sure that he is ok. This is a prediction but this can be connected to Candy shooting his dog. I wonder if George wants to take matters into his own hands. Quote: “Old Candy lay down in the hay and covered his eyes with his arm.” (Page 98)Analysis:  After a dream is broken someone could be left with so much pain and sorrow in their heart. Candy’s feelings model those that lives in this era who have tried their hardest to get a better life but failed because of some obstacle that was to great to overcome.Quote: “But you don’t never take no care. You do bad things.” (Page 101)Analysis:In his head, Lennie is thinking about all the trouble that he causes George and gets upset because he can’t deny it. His past is materializing and he hates himself for it.Quote: “George cane stiffly near and sat down beside him. ‘No'” (Page 103)Analysis:In this dialogue George understands the severity of the situation and sticks with Lennie despite his faults and despite how his life could be better without himQuote: “Guys like us got no family. They make a little stake an’ then blow it in. They ain’t nobody in the world that gives a hot in hell about em”(Page 104)Analysis: It seems as though he forgot about his dream and shows how the Marxism is in this book. All though he tried to become a bigger person by working hard, it never worked out. Quote: “Sure right now. I gotta. We gotta.” (Page 106)Analysis: In this last encounter between Lennie and George, Lennie and their longtime friendship end along with the dream. It is a dream that is so surreal that it could only be seen in dreams(death)Quote: “Now what the hell ys suppose is eatin’ the two guys.” (Page 107)Analysis: I think that maybe in weed the same thing happened and that Slim had made that connection. It also seem that Slim has a very good understanding of what George is going through as he knows the most, and is glad he did it rather than CurlyThesis: Steinbeck uses the death of Lennie to show that if you are part of low class don’t dream because you will fail and your dreams will not come true. 

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