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Journal titles Global warming and transport in brazil ethanol alternative” was particularly the one that drew my attention. Brazil is among the  largest countries in the world. As per 2010 census,this country holds a population of 192.76 million. With annual sales,Brazil has 90.83 cars per 1000 residents. Brazil ,because of their poor public transport is increasing car ownership which in turn increases the CO2 emission. Brazil have started on alternative to use ethanol in place of gasoline to reduce pollution. Ethanol is a renewable fuel made from various plant materials known as biomass.  It is also available as E85 or flex fuel which can be used in vehicles designed for operation or blending of gasoline and ethanol. This alternative can help in economical development,with lesser hazard to the environment. This journal also includes various other ways that greenhouse gases can be reduced and help control global warming.        Eric is from school of engineering and technology,Deakin University,Geelong Vic.317,Australia has written this article. “The core of the global warming problem:energy”. Global warming’s primary cause accumulation of heat energy within the earth and the atmosphere. The imbalance is created because of the difference in the energy  reaching and leaving the earth caused by greenhouse effect. Right now they are attempting  to reduce the Co2 blanket. We should now focus on reducing the emission, CO2 sequestration. Now a daye energy credit concept is introduced which tackles the problem right at its birthplaces. Energy is given to homeowners who needs to make their home energy efficient by installing energy efficient improvement. If their energy credit rises above the cutoff bar,they have to pay a fine. This article also includes many other example and ways in which individually one can contribute to solve the global warming crisis we are facing at the moment.     Nasa have published an article ” The consequences of climate change”. Climate changes are already visible all around the world glaciers shrinking,ice on rivers,trees flowering sooner and many others. Nasa confirms that change will continue over the centuries because of the greenhouse gases trapped within the earth. Temperature rise can already be seen. Every summer is hotter than the previous one. Rainfall patterns have changed. Some areas get more than enough rainfall causing floods while some areas droughts are taking place. Due to melting of polar ice cap ,global sea  level have rose by 8 inches. Storm surges and high tides together with sea level rise may cause flooding in many areas. Arctic is more likely to lost and with hem the polar bears. Hurricanes will become more intensified in the north atlantic ocean. Category 4 to 5 hurricanes will soon be seen.       Climate law institute have published this article on “Energy and global Warming” This article is helpful in bringing forward to us the major fossil fuel which are also the main sources of energy and global warming cool that is worst of all fossil fuels. It  contains the maximum  carbon content and emission is also the largest . coal mining produces methane ,another greenhouse gas warming up the atmosphere. Petroleum mining has vast effects on species such as polar bear,ribbon seal,california condor. Petroleum products like oil extracted from oil shale can have emissions even worse than coal. Shale mining is the  dirtiest method of producing energy. Natural gas is often termed as the cleanest fossil fuel but is not as clean as it seems . the process of liquefying, transport and re gasifying can generate 24 million tons of greenhouse gases every year from a single LNG plant.

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