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Jonas starts The Supplier feeling uneasy about the
up and coming Function of Twelve, where he will get the Task that decides his
business for whatever is left of his working life. That night, at the daily
sharing of sentiments, after his sister, father, and mother examine their
feelings, his folks comfort him about his stresses. They advise him that his
life will change after the Function, however they promise him that the Board of
Older folks has been watching him intently and will give him a suitable Task.


Jonas’ dad brings home a newchild who needs
additional care, and they call him Gabriel, in spite of the fact that Father
isn’t yet expected to know the kid’s name. Lily concludes that she will start
volunteering hours at the Sustaining Center after she turns Nine, and Jonas
reviews a peculiar occurrence where he saw an apple abruptly change before
coming back to an indistinguishable common shade from his shirt. The following
day, he joins Asher and Fiona at the Place of the Old, where Larissa informs
him concerning Roberto’s discharge function, after which Roberto will go
Somewhere else. At that point, after a sexually charged dream including Fiona
that structures Jonas’ first Stirrings, his folks give him the pills that will
smother these Stirrings.


At the Service, Jonas sits through the Naming at the
Function of One, which Gabriel will miss on the grounds that the Nurturers have
chosen to give him an additional time of care before choosing whether to dole
out him a family or to discharge him. Lily turns Eight, and the new Nines get
bikes as an indication of new freedom. The Function of Twelve starts
uneventfully, as the regularly hurried however constantly pleasant Asher gets
the Task of Collaborator Chief of Amusement and Fiona gets that of Guardian of the
Old. Notwithstanding, the Main Senior skips Jonas, which mortifies him until
the point when they declare that he has been chosen as the new Collector of
Memory for the group, a vital position that requires insight, strength, and the
Ability to See Past, which Jonas has beforehand experienced with the apple.

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Jonas feels anxious and disengaged at his
determination, and his guidelines are bizarre in that they enable him to be
impolite, make inquiries, and lie, while denying him from taking drug for his
preparation and from applying for discharge. The old Collector, who calls
himself The Supplier, illuminates Jonas that he is currently the new Recipient
and should get the recollections of ages of the entire world, which The
Provider transmits by touch and recognition. Jonas’ first new memory is that of
riding a sled down a frigid slope, and The Provider clarifies that after the
foundation of Equivalence and Atmosphere Control, a considerable lot of these
things have been disposed of. The Supplier additionally gives Jonas the memory
of daylight and sunburn to give Jonas a trace of the agony that is to come in
his preparation.


In the wake of seeing an adjustment in Fiona’s hair,
Jonas illuminates The Supplier, who reasons that Jonas has the ability to see
shading, dissimilar to different individuals from the group. Researchers
attempted to dispose of shading at the beginning of Equivalence, however they
didn’t completely succeed. Jonas and The Supplier talk about how Similarity has
disposed of individual decision, despite the fact that it might maybe have made
the world more secure by taking out the likelihood of wrong decisions, for
example, in picking life partners, in spite of the fact that as The Recipient,
Jonas will never have the capacity to impart as long as he can remember to a
future companion, since he can’t discuss his work. They likewise talk about the
past Recipient in-Preparing’s disappointment, after which undesirable
recollections got away into the group and caused devastation, an episode that helped
the group to remember The Collector’s part as the vessel for these


Jonas requests more excruciating recollections, so
The Supplier acquaints him first with a broken leg and later to more genuine
torments, for example, starvation and disregard. These recollections give The
Collector knowledge to prompt the Senior citizens, who would prefer not to hold
up under the recollections themselves. At home, Jonas finds that Gabriel is
equipped for accepting recollections, and at his preparation, he in the long
run helps facilitate The Supplier’s misery by taking from him the appalling
memory of war. As reward, The Provider transmits some euphoric recollections,
including that of family, grandparents, and love, which are all absent in the
group’s families. Jonas intuitively feels that the nonattendance of adoration
isn’t right, in spite of the fact that he at first denies his senses for what
his general public has shown him. Others in the group don’t comprehend Jonas’
considerations, as his folks mock the expression “cherish” as
uncertain and as Asher neglects to comprehend why Jonas does not endorse of the
impersonation war recreations he plays with the kids.


At the point when Jonas’ dad is planned to discharge
a newchild in light of the fact that it is a twin, Jonas gets some information
about discharge, who specifies that in his past disappointment, his little girl
Rosemary turned into the Collector in-Preparing however picked discharge since
she would not like to hold up under every one of the recollections of torment.
The Supplier at that point indicates Jonas a tape in which Jonas’ dad is
appeared to discharge the baby by euthanizing him through deadly infusion.
Jonas is crushed by this disclosure, and he and The Supplier conclude that he
should flee so the recollections will be discharged into the group. They both
expectation that The Provider can instruct the group to recapture insight and
feeling through the recollections as opposed to constrain the recollections


Jonas is compelled to leave in front of plan for
request to spare Gabriel from discharge, so he sets off with deficient
supplies. As they leave the group, they encounter first the delights of nature
and untamed life and after that the dread of icy and starvation as they leave
the zone of Atmosphere Control into a frigid area. At last, Jonas finds what he
sees as the slope from his initially transmitted memory, and he hears music and
sees Christmas lights, trusting that he has discovered a Somewhere else that
has what the group needed. Be that as it may, the consummation leaves
indistinct whether Jonas has genuinely discovered Somewhere else or is just
daydreaming as he stops to death.

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