John Stewart, the author of the book “Bridges
not walls, makes a thoughtful consideration about collaborative communication,
he states that: “Each individual wants to have conversations that are somehow
building his or her world of meaning” (Stewart, p. 57). Every identity makes a
sense and carries a purpose into  this
world and as individuals we can produce either positive or negative outcomes
out of our daily conversations. Stewart got me reflecting on my own style of communication,
and I must admit I am not always producing a smooth connection with another
individual, as I would anticipate it. Most of the time, I am focused more on just
exchanging information, rather viewing another individual on more relational
level and acknowledging the value and uniqueness about her or him. Instead of being
focused on myself and my ideas only, it is essentially important to to be
intentionally connected with another person and realizing , that I do  make a sense and helping to build his or her
world. Whether the person goes through tough times or other difficulties, my
responsibility is to help to brighten his or her world through the
conversational interaction. Interestingly, we care more about ourselves, that
others. I agree with Stewart that “communication success has more to do with
the people’s ability to continue relating smoothly with each other than with
matching mental contents. (Stewart, p. 20). 
Relational communication helps to establish long-lasting relationships
and friendships. Practically how we can improve our communication and show care
for our communicator is to be able actually listen to them, hear them and
respond in a loving way to whatever struggles they might be going through. If
we stop for the moment and truly hear the other person, God can use us to help
them in their need. Burley-Allen pints out: “Effective listeners are able to
concentrate and find the most valid information in whatever they hear. (p. 12).

I believe if we intentionally and purposefully start listening and caring for
the person, as Christians we will be always find the way to encourage, uplift
and brighten somebody’s world. Then we will experience how a good and healthy
conversations will flow from out hearts to the receiver’s ears. Bible reminds
us: “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good
for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who
hear.” (Ephesians 4:29 ESV).




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