John political conditions in the Middle East.

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John Forbes Kerry is the candidate I would chose in the up in coming election. Some of the issues that would decide my vote are environment, the economy, homeland security, social issues, and Iraq. I would also vote for John Kerry because he has done good things for Massachusetts and I know he will do good things for this country. My last reason for voting for John Kerry is because he will bring our troops home safely. On November 2, 2004 I would vote for John Kerry.

John Forbes Kerry was born in Colorado on December 11, 1943 at Fitzsimons Army Hospital. John Kerry graduated from Yale University. He joined the Navy and became an officer during Vietnam. He was awarded both silver and bronze stars and 3 purple hearts for his heroic efforts. John Kerry went to law school at Boston College. He was elected lieutenant governor of Massachusetts in 1982. After he was elected senator of Massachusetts in 1984 followed by three more terms. John Kerry seems to be a perfect candidate for president.

John Kerry supports the war in Iraq. John Kerry believes in having our allies join in with us. John Kerry says if elected he will boost international effort to secure peace. He also sates that he wants to improve social, economic, and political conditions in the Middle East. John Kerry believes he can restore International Policy.

John Kerry also believes in social issues. He supports a women’s right to an abortion. John Kerry opposes the death penalty. John Kerry will also appoint judges committed to law in the Supreme Court. Last, John Kerry will full fund the “No Child Left Behind” law. John Kerry really knows the views of the people.

John Kerry wants to make a better environment. John Kerry opposes oil exploration in the Artic refuge. John Kerry will push new gas requirements, hybrid cars, and the use of hydrogen fuel. John Kerry will set goals, incentives to reproduce dependence on fossil fuels. Finally, John Kerry promotes clean, renewable fuel sources. John Kerry is well concerned about the environment.

John Kerry also believes in a better Homeland. John Kerry is against labeling U.S. citizens as “enemy combatants.” John Kerry also wants to the speed up immigration process. Last, John Kerry wants to reform domestic intelligence. John Kerry will make this country a better place.

John Kerry says he will stop raising taxes. John Kerry opposes privatization Social Security. John Kerry wants to priorities fiscal aid to resolve state crisis. John Kerry says he will also repeal tax cuts for the wealthy and increase child tax credit. Last, John Kerry says he wants to assist small businesses. John Kerry will improve this counties economy.

John Kerry is a good man to be president. He has a wife, 2 daughters. He served in Navy during Vietnam. He is Senator of Massachusetts. He is sixty one soon to be sixty two. My opium is that John Kerry will make a great president if elected.

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