Job Roles and Function Area Functional Areas: Grouping

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Job Roles and Function Area


Functional Areas: Grouping of employee by various skills and expertise. The main functional area are: Finance, Marketing and sales, Human resources, Research and Development, Customer Service.

Companies uses functional area with many way:

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It’s more proficient to have staff with more skills together. They can easily team up projects requiring their expertise and will have back up if one of the employee is unable to complete their work. For example, a company wants to establish a new server in their data centre and they will need several different employees from Information Technology Department to complete the project on the time.

Functional Area of following Companies:

Havering College

Havering College of Further & Higher Education is a college with three campuses in the Borough of Havering, East London, England. The main campus is based in Ardleigh Green, Quarles is built in Harold Hill and the third is Rainham Campus of Construction. It educates part and full-time students aged 16+.

Human Resource

Responsibilities Includes payroll, hiring, keeping up to date with state tax laws. They make all the future business plans and condition to get the best out on investment and safe future survival and success.


This area of college functioning is required for informing and influencing target population to visit the school. Their responsibility is to building a successful website to attract more students, Brochures/ Marketing Materials Planning.


This functional area focuses on College Academic Plan, College Assessments.


Department take responsibility for organizing and financial accounting affairs.
Also, responsible for technical details of how business can raise finance. For example Loans, Shares.



Tesco is a British Multinational Grocery and general merchandise retailer; headquarters in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.


Human Resource

Performs tasks relating directly to the employees. For example Working conditions, Health, and safety.

Customer Service

This department is responsible for taking care of their customer’s needs. For example Arranging Deliveries, Dealing with a customer complaint.


Most of the customers like to ask for advice while buying products. A salesperson can offer a good advice and encourage the customers to spend more.


Manages the revenue and cost of the business to calculate whether the business is making profit or loss. 


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