Job marketing and creation of good relations

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Job design in an organization is crucial from various perspectives as it deals with work rearrangement aimed at overcoming any employee dissatisfaction. In respect to this, there is always renewed hope and strength for employee to perform his or her duty successfully (Robertson & Smith, 1985).

Applying this to any customer service professional, the company will be able to reflect a good picture generally of the whole business system, because when the customers are served with enthusiasm, they are able to develop a unique liking of the company.

For this case, considering improvement of working conditions for customer service professional in the credit card company, various ways of restructuring and reorganizing the working system are necessary in order to improve working conditions and also enable good reputation because the customer care provides a link between the customers and the company.

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As always expected, there must be rewards through better pay package. The incentives that should be offered to the customer care would include getting offered credit cards with low interest rates, a periodic reward of points to the employee when it is revealed that the employee is very much committed to the company’s work. There must also be granting of leave for the employee to refresh, especially from a period of a tiresome work session.

In addition, there would also be on job training in order to acquire more skills in the credit card business process. The knowledge on the credit card business helps customer care make informed decisions when advising the customers, which may include marketing strategies. There must also be an innovative working environment which is admirable for the employee to work in the company effectively (Parker & Wall, 1998).

In enhancing job design for the customer service in the credit card company, both scientific and management practices ought to be practiced. This ensures that both analytic and objective approaches to solving issues in the organization are crucial.

The customer care should know exactly his or her role and what is expected from him/her in the job. This enables the creation of clear objectives for the work so that the credit card business is kept operational in a successful way. The customer care must know the set out roles which enhance motivation in whatever is required at all the times.

Incorporating the job characteristic model, the customer care is to know exact identity of the task. This calls for the need to know the exact responsibility that he or she has in the marketing and creation of good relations of the company with the customers. The customer care should also have autonomy.

This determines the schedule of the work plan at all given times that should be decided solely by the employee. The skills of performing the work are also very important as a contributing factor for the process of motivating the customer care.

The significance of the task allocated is important too because the company knows exactly the expected outcome of the process. Through this, providing positive feedback to the customer care for any good performance is necessary as this is an inspiring factor coming from best job design. The design model should also include room for self expression of the customer care. Through this, all the views are incorporated for the best benefit of the company so as to enable more allocation of credit cards to the customers (Parker & Wall, 1998).

Finally, improvement of customer care’s job conditions will enable good performance and develop cordial relations with other customers. Consequently, this reflects good image of the company and more customers in need of credit card will register for the services.

Through the job design, motivation of the employees is observed because from the school of human relations, a business is taken as a social systems whereby productivity is heavily influenced by emotional and psychological factors of the employees (Parker & Wall, 1998). This will finally promote good business.


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