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Jane Austen is the one of
English writer in the return to nature. She is one of the popular novelist in
that movement. She has published six novels, they are Pride and Prejudice,
Sense and, Sensibility, Emma, Mansfield, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. She
has her own styles in her novels, and these are the impact of the situation in
that age. In the return to nature, it was remarked by the war between England
and French, the reaction among the writers about the revolution of French and
the poverty of society. The situation of that age especially the environment in
that age inspired the writers. The historical background in that age of course
impact the literary development in that age. This essay will highlight about
Jane Austen and her popular work, Pride and Prejudice in the back to nature.

Jane Austen is the second
daughter of George Austen and Cassandra. She was born on December 16, 1775 in
Steventon, Hampshire England. She died when she was 41 years old, without
merits. She came from a small family who lived in harmony on the outskirt of
the city in a noble environment. Her father is a Hampshire clergyman and she
was educated by her father because her father has good choice in the reading
material. When Jane was 8 years old she and her sister, Cassandra went to
boarding school. That is why her life little bit dull. After they finished her
school, they return home permanently, and Jane set out her impressions work
that became a popular novel. She has great support from her family to be
writer. When her father passed away, she with her mother and her sister moved
to Southampton. In Southampton she writes her novels. But before she wrote some
novels from teenagers until she was 35 years old, she writes poems, short story
and play for her family and her own. All her novels published anonymously,
therefore she is not famous by her novels but many people who love her works at
that time. Jane Austen’s novels mostly about the social life in the return to
nature. She is known by the works of her nephew in 1869 entitled Memoar of Jane

Jane Austen’s novel was
Pride and Prejudice which becomes her popular work. It was becoming popular
because in this novel, the way how she delivers her novel was unobtrusive and
she has the skills of art on her novels. From her novel, Jane Austen show us
the social life in the return of nature with the movement on it. Pride and
Prejudice begins with the conflicts in Bennet family. the Bennet family lives
in Longbourn that has five daughters. Because this family do not have a son,
this family must give their wealth to their uncle. That is why Mr. Bennet and
Miss Bennet want their daughter marriage with a rich man. Then one day there are two men who moved into their neighborhood,
they are Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. Mr. Bingley fell in love to the eldest Miss
Bennet, Jane. His friend, Mr. Darcy told him that Jane is just beneath him. But
suddenly, Mr. Darcy fall in live with Elizabeth, the second daughter in
Bennet’s family. Elizabeth refused Mr. Darcy’s love because on her eyes Mr.
Darcy has high self-esteemed and arrogance. That is also a disaster strikes
this family with a scandal. The youngest daughter, Lydia has run off with Mr.
Wickham. Then Mr. Darcy sends a letter to Elizabeth that he told the truth that
Mr. Wickham is a gambling liar. Elizabeth knew that Mr. Darcy save her family
honor by paying the Mr. Wickham debts and financed the wedding of her youngest
sister. In the end of the story, Elizabeth liked Mr. Darcy and married with

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   Pride and Prejudice not only focus on the love
story between the second daughter of Mr. Bennet, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy but
also the love story of Elizabeth’s sisters, her mother conflict and their
neighbor. This novel just like the family drama of that time. In this novel
Jane Austen describes the state of social life at that time. She realizes that
the society was flawed but shines in the glory of it. Jane Austen also
recognized the stupidity that was present in the game of marriage in the story
of her novel. But in that stupidity, she realizes the true value of it. She
wants to show the reader the difference in the quality and impact of marriage
based on love and the other reasons. She wants to tell the reader that love
will bring us to the true happiness. In her novel, she has many characters of
the first class like Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley and the other characters that have
wealth. She ever paused her writing but then she publishes novels, Mansfield
Park, Emma and Persuasion. Jane Austen has her own characteristics in her
novels. The first is her characters in her novels. She is very smart to
describe her characters in her novels. She developed his characters with
accuracy and let the reader find the temper of her characters. The second is
her plots. Second is her plot in her novels attractive and have deep emotion.
The way that she describes the story based on the real life with the real and
deep emotion on it. And the third is the place in her novels are remarkable.

Austen is one of English writer in the return to nature. In the return of
nature, many people have an instant road pattern to improve their social
status. The stupidity and the narrowness of the way of thinking makes them no
longer reluctant to do the rebuke. Women are acting wildly, showing off their
flirtation and beauty to attract rich men. Men approached rich women to get
their possessions. All those problems are reflected in Jane Austen’s novel,
Pride and Prejudice. Her novels tell about the family problem in the society,
because as we know in the return to nature the war still happen and many public
protests about the price of taxes, so they race to find rich families to raise
their families. Not only about the plot of the story, the settings also
reflected the condition of the environment. The characters on her novel like to
entertain their selves to the hills, garden, jungle and lake. This is a satire
to the government about the environment in that time. The environment has been
polluted by the industrial activity. The writers craved a beautiful nature in
that time especially Jane Austen in her novel.  

Austen is one of popular novelist in the return to nature. In the return to
nature, we can see the satire that Jane Austen applies in her works especially
her popular novel Pride and Prejudice. The literary is the story that reflected
about the real life, that is why the historical background or the conditions of
that time impact to the literary. In Jane Austen work, we can see the genre of her
work mostly is a satire the public which delivers into an interesting story.

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