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James Earl Carter Jr. was
born on October 1st, 1924. He is married with four children, of which three are
boys. He is most famous for being the 39th President of the United States.
He was born and raised on a peanut farm in Plains, Georgia. When Carter was
four-years old he relocated to Archery, a town two-miles from Plains, an old
town with very few people. Carter’s father, James Earl Carter Sr, was a peanut
farmer who owned some land, a warehouse and a store.  Jimmy’s mother, Bessie Lillian Gordy, was a
nurse. Bessie broke through racial divides to educate and give counseling to
black women on health care issues. Both of Carter’s parents were devout Baptists
who really valued religion. This would help shape who Jimmy Carter as he moved
into politics.

As a child, Carter was a
good kid who didn’t get into trouble. He started working in his father’s store
at the age of ten. In his free time, Carter liked listening to baseball games
and politics on the radio. Carter went an all-white school called Plains High. Even
though he went to an all-white school, two of Carter’s closest friends were
African American. In 1941, Jimmy Carter became the first person from his
father’s side to graduate high school. He studied engineering at Georgia
Southwestern Junior College before joining the naval ROTC program to continue
his studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After his time at GIT, he
applied to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

On summer break, he reconnected
with a girl named Rosalyn Smith that he had known since childhood. The couple
got married soon after. During the following years, Carter and his wife had
four children. Though he was growing a family of his own, Carter lost his
father due to pancreatic cancer. Because of this, Jimmy had to move back to Plains
to take care of his mother and the family business.

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After taking care of the
family affairs, he focused on local politics. In 1962, he ran for state senate
and lost to a man named Homer Moore due to fraud. The state of Georgia threw
out the votes and named Carter the winner. After serving the people of Georgia
as state senator, Carter tried running for governor but lost Lester Maddox. Carter
ran again and he became the governor of Georgia. When he was elected, Carter
fought for the rights of African Americans. He spoke about ending segregation
and tried to make sure that African Americans were more involved in politics
and encouraging them to run for office.

After his time as
governor, Carter decided to take another political step by running for the
highest office in the land, the presidency. Carter won as the democratic
candidate and took office in 1977 where he would serve one term. In office,
Carter focused on Americans dependence on oil from other countries. He also was
very motivated to make sure that people all over the world had basic human
rights. His focus on human rights led him to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in

Overall, Carter was
viewed as an honest man, who always did what he thought was right. Though many
people respected Jimmy Carter for his honesty, many others thought this led to
him being an ineffective leader. Regardless, Jimmy Carter’s legacy will always
be his dedication to helping make the lives of people bette

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