James neighbourhood of Chandler.Her husband was not home

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James Franklin is a painter and is married to a wealthy woman, Mary. Mary is a very demanding and strong personality being raised in a rich family. One day while he is totally engrossed in painting, his wife comes and asks him to go out to dinner with her. He refuses as he is painting and in the ensuing fight she destroys his painting. They started arguing and yelling at each other. James gets emotionally upset and pushes her away holding her by neck, saying that he would kill her and leaves the house in anger.  When he comes back around midnight all drunk, he saw police cars parked on the street. When he enters his house he saw his wife lying on the ground and she is dead. When Alice saw him she starts screaming that he killed my sister and police arrest him as  suspect on the information given by Alice. Alice is his wife’s younger sister and lives with them as she is studying law in the university nearby. He gets shocked to see his wife dead and starts crying frantically tightly embracing the dead body of his wife. He tries to explain to cops that even though he became really angry and did threaten to kill his wife , he didn’t kill her. His trial starts and he starts behaving as a mentally unstable person. Later he was sent to psychological analysis on account of his erratic behavior during trial. He was referred to Dr. Sunny, a psychologist who examines him and decides to keep him in the hospital for few weeks. But on a stormy night James escapes the institution and enters the house of Suzzane Torres. Suzanne  was a married woman staying in a nice neighbourhood of Chandler.Her husband was not home at that time. James holds a gun at her forehead and demands that she hides him in her house. She tries to call someone for help but fails as James quickly covers her mouth with his palm and puts gun on her head. There is a big canvas picture of Suzanne with a handsome young man in the formal room. James ask Suzanne about the man in the picture and she says that’s her husband.   Suzanne was hoping that someone might have heard her screams for help and will come for help. It was raining heavily outside with thunders. There was a very slim chance that someone will come to her rescue in this stormy weather. It seems someone might have heard her screaming for help and dialed 911. She heard the sirens of the police cars. When police come enquiring, she was forced to hide the fact that James was there as he had pointed gun at her from the back of the door.   Later, she offered James a drink and asks him about his story. James starts telling her his story about his wife’s death and he been accused as the one who murdered his own wife. She starts showing some sympathy towards him and asks him to eat dinner and take rest as he must be very tired after escaping the institution.James was very tired and he had faith in Suzanne that she will not call cops as she was so sympathetic with him after listening to his story. He decided to take rest and he slept on the couch in the living room. But he woke up at 11 p.m after hearing a thud noise of someone slamming  the door of the car. He looked around and called Suzzane, he can’t find Suzanne. He searches for her in the formal room and bedroom but instead find a dead body in the bathtub in bathroom attached to the bedroom.. That’s the same guy who in that picture in the formal room. He looks for Suzanne everywhere on the first floor and she was nowhere to be found. He goes to second floor and finds Suzanne in the den reading a book. He confronts Suzanne about the dead body but she refuses that there is any dead body in the house.  He demands an explanation from Suzanne about the body, but they can’t find it where it was before. Suzanne tells him that everything was his imagination, but he suspects that Suzanne is hiding something. Later, after becoming sure of Suzanne’s deception, he calls the police and tells them that he found Mr. Torres (Suzanne’s husband) body in that house and that Suzanne has killed her husband. But Suzanne says that her husband hasn’t returned from Phoenix yet. After looking around thoroughly with the help of sniffer dogs they find Torres’s body in the trunk of the car in the garage and suspect that James has killed him.  Moreover, cops find James’s shirt piece in Torres’s hands. James tries to reason with them and suspects that one of the inspectors is helping Suzanne. He proves the same with the help of a cigarette lighter left by the inspector Cruz at Suzanne’s house while he was helping Suzanne to hide the body. They also find the cigarette piece in the trunk of the car which had DNA prints of Inspector Cruz. Suzanne admits everything and kills herself with a gun during the trial. At the same time Inspector Kurt Angel finds a diamond bracelet at the crime scene. He recalls that he had seen the similar bracelet at James house while investigating Mary’s murder case. Upon further investigation and with the help of diamond jewelry at the crime scene and fingerprinting, he figures out that Alice was the real killer of James’s wife and he acquits James Franklin.

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