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Jack London was a famous America Author, born 12 of January 1876,
California, USA. He is most famous for his novels and short text, most of which
are inspired by his real-life experiences. One of the things which he took a
lot of inspiration from was his time in Alaska.

Jack London traveled to Alaska when he was just 21 years old. At the
time he was a poor and had been most of his life. You see Jack London was born
in a poor family and had to live whit being poor most of his early life. At
that time, he would take nearly any job he could legal or illegal, as long as
it paid. Then when he heard about the gold rush in Alaska, he traveled up there
hoping to make the riches like many others.

Jack London did make the riches from Alaska, but maybe not the way he
had expected. In Alaska, London started publishing stories to magazines giving
him some publicity, but this was not what made him famous, that was the story
“The Call of The Wild”, 1903, which sold a ton of copies. This book was
inspired by London’s time in Alaska and is now one of his most famous books. It
was this story which gave him a reputation as a writer.

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The Call of the wild isn’t the only story inspired by London’s time in
Alaska. The story “Whit Fangs”, which is another one of his most famous works,
was inspired by his time in Alaska. Also, the short story “To build a fire” was
inspired by Alaska. This short story is by many considered to be his best work.
Though he didn’t only get positive things from his time in Alaska, during the
time he developed Scurvy. Scurvy is a sickness which destroys the gums in the
mouth and makes muscles in the body painful, especially legs and arms.

If Jack London didn’t travel to Alaska, he would probably never be as
famous as he is. I mean, most of Jack London most famous stories are based on
Alaska and the gold rush, and it was a story based on Alaska that first made
him famous. So, there is no doubt, in my mind, that Jack London was inspired by
Alaska and that he would never have been the same without it.

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