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Jack FilanTuesday, January 23Dr. GingrichAP LangAbortion in America In the United States of America Planned `Parenthood performs over 600,000 abortions on unborn fetuses every year. That many lives is relatively equivalent to size of Baltimore, Maryland. The controversial topic of Abortion has created a great divide in the United States between people who are “pro life” or “pro choice”.  Pro life is in favor of the unborn fetus’ life. Pro choice is the argument that women should get choose if she should keep or get rid of the potential life. Abortion has been a practice in history for thousands of years. During the colonial time period, abortion was actually legal in the United States. Abortion has been a controversial practice in the United States ever since the the early 1800’s, when it was made illegal. In the 1800’s abortions were referred to as “back alley abortions” and were preformed by amatuer doctors. These procedures resulted in a high mortality rate was very high for the infant and the baby. Abortion was an incredible risky procedure and lack of regulation in the industry. Criminalization of abortion did not reduce the rate of abortion, in fact 1.2 million women get abortions during this time. Abortion was illegal up until 1973, when the Roe V. Wade case took place. Roe V. Wade was the Supreme Court case that gave women freedom to get safe and legal abortions by well-trained professionals. The argument of Pro Choicers and Pro Lifers is still at high tensions today and still unresolved today. Abortion has been a practice that has been in the United States for almost two centuries now and Pro Lifers believe that abortion should be illegal, because it is equivalent to murder in the first degree. They believe that abortion is cruel and evil because you are essentially killing an innocent child. Legally, unborn babies are considered human beings under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.  The Unborn Victims of Violence Act was enstate to “protect unborn children from assault and murder”.  Pro Choicers offer the opinion that it is the fetus is in their bodies and they can do whatever they want with it. They argue that being able to do whatever they want to the fetus is empowering to women all across the country. They also argue that under the Fourth amendment, the right to privacy, they are protect from the government intruding on the bodies or “certain areas or zones of privacy”. Pro Lifers believe that Roe V. Wade should be overturned due to its unlawfulness. Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, believe the right to privacy argument for abortion is “utterly idiotic”. Pro Lifers argue that abortion is painful for the unborn fetus. Maureen Condic, Professor of pediatrics at University of Utah School of medicine, states that the fetus’ spinal reflex is developed at eight weeks. The spinal reflex is a nerve pathway in all human beings that send pain signals to the brain. Bernard N. Nathanson an abortions doctor who is now a Prolifer activist claimed he saw a silent scream through an ultrasound from a 12 week old fetus when performing an abortion. A three month old fetus was capable of feeling pain and having perfectly normal reaction to the excruciating pain. On the other hand pro choicers believe that the unborn fetus cannot feel any pain at all. A 2010 study done by Britain’s Royal College of Obscenities and Gynecologists states that a fetus does not has a developed cortex until the 26th week.  Most neuroscientists believe that is essential for a fetus to have a cortex to have the ability to feel pain. Later in 2012 American college researchers backed up Britain’s Royal College of Obscenities and Gynecologists that fetuses most likely do not feel pain. Many American researchers stated that there is no scientific evidence that backs up that fetuses experience pain before twenty-six weeks.

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