It the ethics of whether vaccinations should be

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It is unethical to subject people of
society to preventable infectious diseases because of the few of those who
object to immunizing themselves and their children. Contrary to popular belief
the benefits of vaccinations far out risk involved which are less harmful to
the host then the infectious disease. Those in society with allergies to
vaccinations and autoimmune diseases are at a higher risk of infection from
those who can be vaccinated and refuse.G1  Therefore,
when it comes to the ethical debate vaccines should be viewed from a
Utilitarianism standpoint.  G2 G3 

in the population who are allergic to gelatin, chicken, egg and certain
antibiotics can have a minor to severe reactions to vaccines. Those are one
group of society who are unable to receive certain immunizations and can be
exposed to infectious diseases. Gelatin is found un MMR, Varicella, and yellow
fever vaccine as a stabilizing agent. Chicken and eggs
allergies are allergic to the egg protein found in small amount in vaccines
such as MMR, influenza and yellow fever. Antibiotics are found in polio, MMR,
and varicella. These are antibiotics such as streptomycin, neomycin, Neosporin,
and betadine. They are used in vaccines to prevent bacterial contamination
while it’s being G4 G5 G6 manufactured.
People in the population who are autoimmune compromised are able to get vaccines with the assistance of their
doctor but are not able to adequately make a great G7 number
of antibodies if they were to come in contact with infectious diseases putting
them at a larger risk then others in the population.G8 G9 G10 

it comes to the ethics of whether vaccinations should be mandatory to those who
are able to receive them it should be viewed from a G11 Utilitarianism point of view. This
view would argue that the practice of administering vaccines to the population
is right because it leads to the greatest possible balance of good consequences
thereby minimizing harm and maximizes benefits. This because vaccines are meant
to eliminate and prevent infectious diseases that once killed and severely
harmed society. They are used to assist the body by introducing a strained of
inactive virus in a portion which your body can easily fight off therefore if
you come into contact with the infectious disease your body is able to fight it
off with the antibodies it has on reserve.G12 

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with opposing views would argue that vaccines cause autism. This first came
about from a research done by doctor Andrew Wakefield. His research of the
MMR  vaccine causing autism was published
in 1998. The fraud and falsification of his research were brought
to The British General Medical Council byG13  investigative reporter Deer. Deer found
that WakefieldG14  had altered facts about patients
medical history in order to support his findings. Wakefield had also  “improperly obtained blood, subjected the autisticG15  children to colonoscopy, lumbar
punters, and other tests with approval from the research review boardG16  (autism watch p.2) The GMC
investigated Deers’ finding and found them to be true.  The GMC retracted the doctor Wakefield paper,
they found that “In particular, the claims in the original paper that children were
“consecutively referred” and those investigations were “approved”
by the local ethics committee have been proven to be false. G17 (autism watch p1,2).”G18 G19 G20 G21 

then several scientists have done the same experiment with no outcome proving
that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Unfortunately, even though this has shown
to be false because it took twelve years to retract the damage was already
done. This
has left the society to associate all vaccines with autism as well as a kept
society on the weary about vaccinating their children.G22 G23 G24 G25 


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