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It is interesting to mention that in all cases which Joseph H. Marshall was describing in his letters describing the procedures of vaccination against smallpox, which is some new innovation in the sphere of medicine, there were only two-three patients that required any application according to their pink inflammation on the arm,  and they immediately yielded to it (Jenner 1). In other cases, in general, the constitutional illness was insignificant but quite noticeable, and significantly less than that of the doctor was ever observed in the same amount that was inoculated with smallpox. Only in one or two cases there were some other eruptions than those that were around the place where the question was inserted, and those that are near the infected part (Jenner 2).

The doctor has found that in cowpox there was no even the slightest excitement causes of some other disease that is often observed in smallpox (Jenner 2). Furthermore, as the doctor had mentioned, despite the fact that not all people were agree with vaccination, there are many important advantages that must flow from the new practice which has the public benefit (Jenner 2).The author clearly and intelligibly gives an understanding to the readers that she believes in the safety of vaccination against smallpox and even is going to do this to her little dear son, but in the majority of cases, the author believes that on such vaccinations as smallpox people just do business (Montagu 1). It seems to me that this is all a matter of faith: whether these vaccines help or not, but in the text there is a perfect  description of what happens to the human body before and after the vaccination. It must be said that after several days of exhaustion and temperature, the body continues to function in a routine mode and nothing changes (Montagu 1).

The author does not oppose this innovation, but does not support it for one hundred percent.Works CitedJenner, Edward. “A Continuation Of Facts And Observations Relative To The Variolae Vaccinae, Or Cowpox.” 1800.

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