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It is pretty clear to all of us by now that we live in a
digital era. Even more then some of us we would choose to. Mobile phones,
tablets laptops and PCs are working towards minimizing face to face
interaction, and are doing a great job at it by the way.

And while we can only remember times when many games (such
as Solitaire and Hearts) were played in real life, and between real friends,
there are some benefits the technology advancement brings to the table. Especially
for project managers. What can these fine gadgets help you with, you might ask?
I have prepared a list of experience-based advantages that have made an obvious
difference since implementing a project management software solution.


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Having a software do the estimation for you can greatly
improve the whole process of estimating the time and resources needed for a
particular project. This is of the upmost importance in project management. It
will be there following you though your whole project, and helping you make the
right decision. After all, you wouldn’t want your project finishing 2 weeks
after the deadline, would you?


Having all your documents on one database (and hopefully
backup frequently) can give you greater access and control over all your
documents relating the project. This means greater control of the documents
whether you are at the office, at home, or have taken a leave of absence and
there is an emergency. This also means time saved in runs between offices, and
clicks between e-mails.


Imagine you now have a software installed on yours and your
employee’s computers. That means looking up who is working on what is just a
few clicks away. You can easily track your resources and intervene, before
people who still rely on notebooks would ever get the chance (wink).


Some managers may not agree with this, but project
management is not about a project manager enforcing his iron fist on his
employees. J The
members of the team have to work together and share resources towards achieving
the results. The software will ease their sharing of tasks and resources, and
the result will be more satisfied employees, and a more successful manager.

results and comparing projects.

And, when all is said and done, you have to see what has
been achieved, and even more important what has NOT been achieved. Also if you
manage some independent projects and wish to see which one has been better, or
simply look back on finished projects and see if your team is making any
progress your software solution will be there to help you

(jordev, 2013)

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