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It is usually seen that now a day many of the sites in sharing
space advertise social correspondence as an elemental result of their activity.
But the question here is do these sites are actually able to build
relationships like friendships, networks or most importantly social trust? (Schor, 2014). At Stanford
sociologist Paolo Parigi and his collaborator were able to find that Couch-surfing
does actually lead to new relationships like friendships and more. However, the
capability of the program to create such connections, not to mention close
ones, has declined since its inception in 2003. So it would be safe to say that
the evidence is somewhat mixed (Parigi & Bogdan, 2014). Seems like users
have become “dissatisfied” as the relationships they develop over
these sites are now more casual and have no tendency to last long enough (Schor, 2014).

The notion is that the supplying of crowd sourced
information on its users is what guides other users to feel safe about
interacting in intimate ways with strangers (Reisch & Thogersen,
Whereas, Parigi’s research uncovered a paradox: turns out that the more
reputational information is provided on the site about other users, the less
users formed strong bonds. Venturing into unknown region with strangers may
sound like an adventure on some sites than their ability to calculate the risk
and reward (Parigi & Bogdan, 2014).

It is often seen that sharing economy sites or platform can
also reproduce and trigger class, racial biases and gender hierarchies. In a
research conducted by (Schor, 2014) at a food swap, they
found cultural capital, a type of class privilege that limited the trades which
majority of the members were willing to make. It was observed that only
participants with the so called “right” appearance, packaging, offerings or
“taste” received an offers or, in some cases, even felt comfortable returning.
In (Schor, 2014) time bank research,
they found and observed that some people intentionally screen trading partners
by education and that many highly educated people were not willing to provide
their most valuable skills (like programming or web design), instead acting as
amateur electricians or manual labor (Schor et al., 2015).

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Due to the novelty of the concept, we have chosen a phased
funnel approach whereby we start with gathering as much information as possible
and want to end up with a selected number of usable cases that allow for
answering our research questions.(3) We therefore performed mainly desk
research, using both primary and secondary sources. In this regard, in addition
to the academic literature.



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