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It is believed that the criminal justice system favours criminal, but have you ever looked into the criminal justice system and seen the precautions and measures in place to ensure that there is a fair justice system? In this essay you see some of the steps that are gone through to ensure there is balance, an appropriate conclusion drawn for every crime, and that the accused are treated fairly and justly. One of the measures includes the Judicial Interim Release, which is the pretrial release of someone that has been accused of committing a crime. A person who has committed a crime or has been accused goes before a justice, where possible bail or release can occur with or without jail time. This does not include crimes such as treason, inciting to mutiny, pirac, or murder. I believe that this is a effective measure to ensure the accused are treated fairly, because it allows those who are accused to be judged, and there is no cross-examination unless the accused admits, or pleads guilty of the crime they commited. This is an appropriate measure and allows balance in the criminal justice system by making the system fair and effective. Legal aid is another measure in place, legal aid is very beneficial and effective because it allows people to get confidential advice, and also allows representation for those who would not be able to afford it otherwise. I believe this is very effective in treating the accused fairly because no matter what they are given representation, someone to help them through the process, and fight for their innocence. It is a very appropriate measure because a poor wrongly accused person may not have been able to defend themselves otherwise, and would have been unjustly put in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Legal aid allows balance between the accused and the prosecutor and allows equal representation, therefore I believe legal aid is a very effective and appropriate measure in the criminal justice system. Plea bargaining is an agreement between the accused and the prosecutor, where the defendant pleads guilty to whatever they are charged for, and in return for concession. This is a measure that I believe can be useful, but at times I believe it does not serve justice to those who deserve it, and allows criminals to be let off easily.It also interferes with the criminal justice process. I don’t believe it is always fair to the victim and it favours the criminal not just allows fairness to the accused. Therefore I believe that this measure although at times beneficial is more than often a let out for criminals who deserve a larger sentence and i believe certain charges should be made without a plea bargain. The youth criminal justice act is a law that is used for 12-18 year olds who are accused of a criminal offense, the law is what governs the canadian youth justice system. I believe that this is a good law and very effective in creating a fair and appropriate criminal justice system because it allows for them to seek help, get representation, and to grow up somewhere safe, oftentimes youth who commit crimes are influenced and this allows them to try to be better people.The criminal justice youth criminal justice act allows them to serve time but also continue to grow, develop, and learn as an individual. Overall I believe that this law is beneficial to youths, and the future of communities, it also allows balance and equality to the youth. In conclusion the measures in place that “favour” criminals do no such thing but they are actually in place to ensure that there is balance and equality in our criminal justice system. Each measure has a purpose and a reason for being a part of the process, and each part plays a role in ensuring each community is safe. Therefore the following measures by the criminal justice system are extremely beneficial and allow balance to the accused and the victims.

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