IT has made the world
competitive and in the logistics field also it plays a crucial role. IT helps
for smooth operation of the business and in this case the proposed solutions
can be use of electronic commerce, social media and Enterprise Resource
Planning(ERP) tools. With the use of electronic commerce, there will be
paperless business environment as all the activities is done online through the
means of the internet which includes transfer of funds, order of inventory.
Beside that there are shared databases where organization can share their
information to all the concerned parties. There is no doubt that it will help
in quick information processing, reduced paper work, cost efficiency and helps
to be competitive in the market.

I also believe, use of
social media will provide an online presence of the company and it will help
the company to interact with their customers and clients. Frequent interaction
with customer means high chance of getting feedback. Analysis of feedback will
help the company to improve its service. Social media is also the cheapest
means of advertising as there are various social sites are Facebook, twitter
which is free of cost. Another potential solution can be Enterprise Resource
Planning(ERP) tools which helps to capture the data and reduce the manual
activities and task related with financial processing, inventory management and
customer order information. Few features of it can be:

It helps to eliminate the data redundancy.

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Same data are available to all the
concerned parties including the external and internal parties.

Processing of the tasks can be easily done
in brief period.


Potential unintended consequences of
the solution

is no denying that use of information technology will have both desired and
undesired results in the business. If the proposed solutions are used by the
Johnson company, then it will have some unintended consequences. Use of
electronic commerce possess the online threat to the company and there can be
issues related to cybersecurity threats. Due to this the company must spend
large amount of its resources for protecting the data. Beside that when all
things are done electronically then there is need for less workers and this
result in hiring of the employee. Human resources will be replaced for robots.
Same can be the situation with social media as there can be firing from the
marketing departments. When most of the marketing activities can be done from
social media then why is it necessary to hire more people for marketing?? This
could be the concept of the organization regarding the marketing. The last
proposed solution was Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)tools which is very fruitful,
but it can be costly. Employees must be trained properly to use this software
and it can be expensive to buy. Beside that Johnson company must spend extra cost
for data protection, maintenance and upgradation of the software.


Potential costs of the proposed

Use of electronic
commerce will increase the productivity of the company but the costs related
with implementing and maintaining the technology can be very high. There is
need of extra security while doing the online operations. Beside that employee must
be trained to update with they systems. Moreover, IT specialist must be hired
for maintaining the server. For using Enterprise Resource planning(ERP), there
is need for extra software, technician, training and extra budget for maintaining
it. Use of social media means hiring of social media managers who are fully
responsible on marketing through social sites. Tools and techniques used by the
social media managers will decide if the company will do better or it will go

Conclusions and Recommendations

   There is no doubt that information
technology will help the company reduce human manpower and still helps them
improve their service and become competitive in the market. There are some
initial costs which the Johnson International Corporation(JIS) must pay for the
adoption and implementation of the information technology but use of technology
can have huge benefit in their tasks. Use of information technology means less
chance of error, smooth operation of the task and less operational costs.
Moreover, it will improve their service delivery and will create the online
presence. In today’s world various company are doing their advertisement
through social media like Facebook and twitter and are being successful. The
main reason for that is they can get immediate feedback about their service and
if there is any fault then, they can improve it in less time and expenses. In
easy words, use of social media will help the company to be in touch with their
potential and current customers. This way they can deliver the satisfaction
that the customer demand. I also believe, use of information technology will
boost the business of the Johnson International Corporations and helps them to
be competitive in the market.


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