It idea that money doesn’t buy happiness,

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It would presume that Society, prompts the idea that money doesn’t buy happiness, still yet so many people purse money. Seeing to what civilization has grown to today, money is somewhat of a necessity if you want to do thing. I know I wouldn’t be happy if money was removed entirely from my life. Like the constant threat of worrying about where I’m going to sleep, bathe, if I’m gonna have food to eat or not. But on the other hand, I’m not too sure if being rich would necessarily solved that issue. Being that is my happiest moments in life  have minimal dependence to money. Like having an intimate moment with a loved ones, developing athleticism, or social skills. This similarly ties to Aristotle’s view on ethics, on how “man can only achieve happiness by using all his abilities and capabilities.”This happiness consisted of three essential pillars, first one being life of pleasure and enjoyment. The second pillar a life as a free and responsible citizen. Lastly, the third a life as a thinker and philosopher. He then rightfully emphasized that all three standing pillars must be in use at the same time, in a state of balance for there to be a “harmonious” life. I only agree to half of this idea, its true one must pursue their desires, keep others in mind, and question the world they live in, but having a complete balance seems too unattainable. What he viewed was what I would call a utopia. Compared to the world most people live in, there’s not that much control over what we do like he thinks we do. As soon, as someone’s born their somewhat subjected to their environment, with no choice at all. Due to institutions and power struggles there’s always a victor and loser. The losers at mercy of the victor, and prosperity is usually a determine factor if not the second. So if people could just achieve at least one of these pillars I believe  they can find happiness in life. That may be money for some individuals out there, but not me. 

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