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It may be
hard having good values and we may even waver at times. However, our values are
a big and important part of us. The type of values we have determine the kind
of people we are. Therefore, I believe that having good values are essential.

having good values is not always as easy and noble as it sounds. For example, there
was once when my class was given a graded assignment and told that we had to
complete it in groups. My friends and I decided to form a group together. We
completed the assignment and submitted it. When our teacher returned our
assignments, we realised that she had calculated our marks incorrectly and
given us extra marks. I told my friends that we should tell her, but they
didn’t want to. They knew that if I were to tell our teacher, we would have our
extra marks deducted. Of course, they didn’t want that to happen. I was in a
dilemma. I didn’t want to upset my friends, neither did I want to be dishonest.
After much contemplation, I decided to tell our teacher. Indeed, our extra
marks were deducted and after that incident, my “friends” excluded me from our
clique. Although I ended up losing my “friends”, I did not regret my actions.

Thus, based
on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, having good values is more of an “option” than
a need. I disagree with him on this. Sure, you may not die immediately without
good values. But what’s the point in living if you don’t even like the person
you see in the mirror each day? I believe our values define us, and having good
values is essential to leading a life worth having. For example, imagine
witnessing someone being verbally abused in public. Would you step in to help
that person? Or, would you stay out of it since it does not concern you? Your
actions would depend on your values. If you believe in standing up for others,
you would step in to help that person. If you believe that you are not
obligated to help others, you would choose not to get involved. Even if you
chose not to help that person, we cannot say that you are in the wrong. Since
you were never obligated to help. Ultimately, whether one chooses to have good
values or not, is up to them. However, what impression would we have of you? If
you helped that person, we would think that you are a courageous person for
stepping in. Whereas if you didn’t, we would think that you are a coward, too
afraid to get involved in others’ matters. This shows that we all tend to judge
others based on their values.

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How essential are good values? According to some aspects of
psychology, not very. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in
psychology comprising a model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical
levels within a pyramid. According to him, our needs can be divided into three
main categories: basic, psychological and self-fulfillment. Our values fall
under self-fulfillment needs, deemed by Maslow as the least important category.

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