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It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Yacine Marouf, who is intending to pursue Electrical and Computer Engineering Master of Applied Science (Nanotechnology) at your institution. I have known him for the past four years as an undergraduate student. He took classes with me on Circuit Theory, Energy Conversion, Analog Electronics, and Transduction Mechanisms in Microsystems. In addition, I was his advisor in his graduation project. During this period, I recognized his innate skills and found he is strong on the concepts and applying them to tackle the problems.

He is highly motivated, eager for cognizance and is always on the lookout to learn something new. He ranked top 3 in the department of electrical electronics. He is a very attentive student in the class, receptive to new ideas and lucid in his presentations. A good example of this is he was asked to present a paper on a piezoelectric cantilever with a Helmholtz resonator as a sound pressure sensor. During his presentation not only her strong technical knowledge was evident, but also his communication was flawless. In addition, he has a great zeal for higher academics. I remember he always talks to me about furthering his education and research.

I feel that his diligence and pragmatic analysis represent his competency towards research. His senior project titled “A Virtual Hand Design (Hand motion visualization using inertial and magnetic sensors)” demonstrated his great skills in research, creativity in solving the problems faced on the way, and teamwork attitude. I truly rate him among one of the top students that I had the honor to supervise.

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To say in a nutshell, Yacine possesses high level of moral and ethical standards, self-confidence, technological skills, communication skills, and always motivated to take up new. I am sure his talents will be utilized and proven in your university if given an opportunity. If further information is required, I can be contacted any time.



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