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It is for these factors I am motivated by
interest to take the next step in pursuing a Master’s degree at the University
of Victoria, to enable me attain my career aspirations in Communication

Further to my interest in the University
of Victoria, the practical experience gained in the program will give me a firm
knowledge for my career, as I am passionate about my technology and engineering
enhancements. This will as well
give me concrete answers and practical solutions to help develop security and
communication policies and techniques, and enhance previous available ones.

The University of Victoria is reputed for
excellence in this field and the international reputation of each department at
the college attracts such a wide variety of students, hence, I believe it will
be a stimulating environment in which to study at a graduate level. Undertaking
a Master’s degree in Telecommunication and Information Security at the
University of Victoria would be an ideal step forward towards my career
ambition of being a Radio Frequency Engineer.

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I am currently enrolled
in a postgraduate program in Information Security Management at Fanshawe College,
Ontario. I am learning about network vulnerabilities and how to reduce of these
vulnerabilities being exploited. I am also learning about developing appropriate
security policies for a specific organization. My foundation in Information
Security right now would be perfect for the Telecommunication and Information
Security program at the University of Victoria. Work experience at the
Information Technology department of an oil and gas consultation firm has
provided me with the enthusiasm to protect data better and develop appropriate
security and access policies.

Halfway through my
penultimate year in university, I was sure I wanted to pursue a Masters’ degree
in Telecommunications. My undergraduate degree was in Information and Communication
Engineering, and major courses I took include Broadcast Engineering, Satellite
Communication, Computer Security Techniques and Mobile Communication and

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