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It has been my dream since long, to pursue
higher studies that too abroad. While exploring options and programs, when I
came across this program in Global Management, it grabbed my attention and it
led me to believe that it will help me achieve my goal of being a leader in the
global economy.It will help to broaden my horizons and
prepare myself for a world of business opportunities.Although, I already hold a MBA degree with
specialization in Human Resource from India, I am confident enough that the
Masters of Global Management program at Royal Roads University will help me
gain valuable experience in different cultures and business environments, and
build a global network of peers who will be able to support my career. In my Post Graduate studies, the course
curriculum has given me exposure to core areas of Business Administration and
Human Resource Management. Also, the program gave me practical insights through
its summer internship module which helped me to gain in-depth understanding of
the theories taught. I was lucky enough to secure a job while
pursuing my internship. Post MBA, I started my 6-year long journey in the
corporate world. It is the experience, that has moulded me into a better
person, both personally and professionally.In these entire 6 years, I had the privilege to
work with start-ups and bigger MNCs as well. During my stint with the first two
organizations, I had the opportunity of developing and implementing policies
and procedures from scratch and explore all possible avenues of work, whether
it be Human Resource, Administration, Event Management and a bit of Media &
Communications as well.   Although, my major experience lies in Human
Resource Management, I always wanted to pursue a course that would help me
broaden my understanding of Business Administration at a global level. I felt “Confidence and competence” are the two
strong words that grabbed my attention as I had a first look at the university
webpage. A passion to achieve expertise in the Global Management field and a
long cherished dream of being a leader in the current global economy, are the
objectives to my Graduate Study. As a student, I not only intend on learning
the fundamental and vital aspects ofbusiness management, but my interest also
lies in understanding and solving real world problems that presently plague business
organizations.In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited
from the breadth of Visvesvaraya Technological University’s syllabi content
that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of technology and
a strong conceptual understanding of the subject, which is evident from my undergraduate
scores. Being among the top 5 students during my undergraduate degree always
gave me an added advantage of participating in research and career
opportunities.But it is the two year work experience at Dell EMC, Bangalore that helped me gain
knowledge onhow to apply the principles and lessons of management to real life.During
on-job training I was exposed to information storage management technology,
operating systems and networking and also earned certifications in the
technical field. Furthermore, I got a chance to work for multiple projects with
aggressive deadlines and this gave an edge to develop the project management
skills within me. The major career change in my life was, when I was assigned
as the scrum master to a thirteen member team, which boosted my confidence in
project planning and team management. As a scrum master I was entitled to
manage high level project tasks and manage the scrum process with the coordination
of scrum team in Agile methodology. During the tenure of working as a Scrum
Master I gained exceptional organizational and collaboration skills. The team
management and coaching being one of the highlighted skills in my career for
which I received an “On the Spot Award” from the management team. I have been
able to make strategic decisions, coach the team, influence and lead
effectively both within teams and across boundaries in our rapidly changing
industry. The most challenging situation was when I had to manage six project
teams at the same time period, involving a diverse team from varied age groups.

This had led to a lot of conflicts and a lot of back & forth conversations
with the stake holders. I pro-actively resolved the issues and got the team to
one common ground which resulted in successful completion of project. This
further added to the positive aspects of the team and I could source more
projects for the team. I believe my leadership skills along with my team
building abilities and my above experiences will set me apart from most of my
other classmates at your University.The merger of Dell and EMC as a single
organization is when I gained insights about strategic business transformation
and how it impacted the way global business in transforming. Being a part of
the largest technology merger in history created the urge in me to further gain
expertise in the global management field. I am interested in factors that
affect the competitive performance of a business concern, and the manner in which
changes in technology affect an organization’s structure, long-term business
strategy, product development, supply chains, information needs and standard
systems.During my undergraduate tenure, I was heavily
inclined towards both technical and co-curricular activities. My stint with the
IEEE Student Branch as a core committee member has helped me evolve as an
effective organizer and sharpened my communication skills. It was an
exhilarating moment when I was selected to be a partof two months certification
program on Breakthrough
Innovation at University of California, Berkeley from March –
May, 2014. I presented a project on 3D holography projection to show the scope
of innovation in the future of hologram and holography which was well
appreciated and I earned a certificate for the innovation program. Being part
of such a distinctive international program gave me a very good exposure and
chance to interact with global innovation experts like Dr. Mark Coopersmith and
Dr. John Danner. I have organized and participated in a number
of extra-curricular activities during my college days and have won university
and state level prizes in mime shows, classical dance and quizzes; Organized
department and inter department fests which have been very successful and
received appreciations for the same. Being a part of the Scouts and Guides club
I have been actively involved in various social service activities since my
school days and achieved the state award (Rajyapuraskar award) for being the
most valuable Guide. I have carried these traits with me even after graduation.

Apart from these I have contributed and facilitated various corporate events in
Dell EMC such as Quarterly kick-offs, MOOC campaigning and also received awards
and accolades for the effective contribution. These qualities have added a new
dimension to my personality and I wish to bring these qualities to the table at
your university.I also believe that each of us must give something back to
society – to this end, I have worked on a voluntary basis for the Autism
Projects; as a teacherduring the school adoption program. Today, I contribute
to a local organization that focuses on the education and cleanliness of middle
school children in Bangalore.I enjoy interacting
with people and this leads me to believe that sharing with them the knowledge
that I gain through my research would be a very rewarding experience. Pursuing
graduate studies in the management field and focusing on research from an institute
of International standing as yours is my long cherished dream. I am confident that the Master of Global
Management at Royal Roads University will help me gain that competitive edge
and strong foothold in a career that offers boundless opportunities for
progress. It is my strong belief that graduation from this
institution will take me close to achieving my long term goal of transforming
into an effective Leader. I look forward to be part of this distinctive programand
will treasure this opportunity by make every effort to live up to my highest

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