Islam and was founded on 610 AD. The

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Islam comes from the word “surrender” or “submission” and was founded on 610 AD. The Islamic religion bases their beliefs on the Quran a book to be considered to be the verbatim word of God and the teachings of Muhammad, seen as the last prophet of God. Islam isn’t a new religion nor is it a cult but it’s a universal way of life. There are 5 pillars of practice in the Islamic religion that must be followed; 1)  Declaration of faith: the belief that there is one God and that Muhammad is a prophet of God and recites this publicly. 2) To pray at least five times a day. 3) Poor-due tax: they must give some of their wealth to the needy once a year so they can help one another out. 4) They must fast during the month of Ramadan. 5) They must visit Mecca at least once, if and when they are physically and financially able to do so.  Financial Consumer Agency of Canada relates to this religion and inform Islamic people to save more money so they can then give a more money to the needy and still have enough money. They can help balance and learn about more their money.Judaism was founded around 535 BC and is the study, Abraham. Moses was the founder of Judaism although history dates back to Abraham. Some of their major denominations are the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. The most important religious text in Judaism is the Torah. Judaism teaches that there is one God and one God only. The Hebrew Bible is called the Torah and is followed by people who believe in Judaism, also known as Jews. The word “Jew” was originated from the people who were from the ancient Kingdom of Judea, and it then became the word to be associated with people of Jewish faith. They believe that out of the one God that is concerned with the actions of humankind. Financial Consumer Agency of Canada relates to this religion because it helps with budgeting and planning their finances at different life stages and certain lifestyles.

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