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Jan. 14, 2018

Essay #1-Current Topics in IT


                                  Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017


From great successes to disasters, technology has been the key aspect. From
security breach to product success, there has always been something to fix and upgrade
and this differentiated in terms of money and reputation. Here, below are the
few failures and successes of 2017.


 Tech that was a success

In 2017 technology like smart home, apple’s smart watch and Face ID were
huge success in providing human life more security and also ease to the everyday
routine tasks.


“Face ID” feature in iphone X is more secure compared to one
plus 5t and Samsung note 8 devices as it uses 3d depth sensing with an infrared
camera and a dot projector to check if you are the actual owner of the phone
before unlocking it, whereas Samsung and one plus use 2d methods that rely only
on front facing camera and could be tricked even by testing it with a
photograph and Face ID keeps on  adapting
itself to the changes on your face to detect the owner. 12  

           A smart home is an example of how technology
is advancing in making human life with much ease than ever imagined. Here, the
devices are interconnected and can be automated from one central point like
mobile, through internet which controls functions such as security access to
the home, temperature, lighting, home theatre, door locks, home monitors, cameras,
lights, refrigerator. Smart home appliances come with self- learning skills
whereby they can learn owner’s schedules and Some home automation systems alert
the owner when it detects any motion in the home while away and some other also
call the fire department in case of any imminent situations. Voice powered
virtual assistants like Amazon, offers voice-activated speakers like echo and
echo dot with voice-activated speakers of varying size that employ Alexa
technology to answer questions asked, google assistant.34


 When it comes to apple smart
watch, it incorporates fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilites. Initally
when it was released on April 24,2015 it was not a good success as it had to
rely on iphone watch. But when series 3 was released it was the fastest
processor i.e., dual-core S3, Bluetooth 4.2, a built-in altimeter for measuring
flights of stairs climbed, increased RAM size and optional LTE cellular
connectivity. Siri was able to speak on this series 3 due to the increased
processing speed of the watch. Initially, with my experience, there was a slight
loss in cellular connectivity but then later apple fixed this with its software
update. All these upgrades in series 3 and with its fastest processor, quick
performance apple smart watch was a great success in 2017. 5









Tech that was a failure

Here are Tech failures which resulted in hacking millions of accounts by
cybercriminals in credit reporting agency, ride sharing company and another
tech which could not give best output in market.


Equifax is one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agency
along with Experian and TransUnion (known as “Big Three”). It
collects and aggregates information around 800 million individual consumers and
more than 88 million businesses worldwide. Equifax has US$3.1 billion in annual
revenue and 9000+ employees in 14 countries. In September 2017, Equifax
announced cybersecurity breach and it claimed to occur between mid may to July
2017 where around 145.5 million U.S Equifax consumers personal data, including
their personal names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses were
accessed by the cybercriminals and also confirmed around 209,000 consumer’s
credit card credentials were taken in the attack. And it should take necessary
action to prevent another security breach.67


 Uber the ride-sharing company
faced many complaints about sexual harassment of woman passengers and this
sparkled the resignation of CEO Travis kalanick. This lead to the internal
investigation after which 20 employees were fired. After keeping the breach
secret for more than a year, it recently disclosed that around 57 million
driver and rider accounts were stolen in October 2016. Now new chief, Dara
Khosrowshahi takes up responsibility  in
repairing the company’s reputation.89


Though the products with good technology succeeded in market with good
profits, there are also some technology which failed, might be because it was
not secure enough to prevent cyber attacks from hackers. So, I think that
technology always need to be updated on a regular basis to withstand the
threats from hackers all around the world.





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