As matter how much the technology advances

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As the above proverb says a pen is even greater than a sword. Words coming out from a pen can be so effective that it can even change your life. The importance of penmanship can never been lost, no matter how much the technology advances what creativity can come out with one’s own handwriting, typing can never compete with such creativity. This is the power of hand written words which can break your heart without even touching you.

Writing with hands is important for both young and old generation. Even after the development of computers and other devices due to the advancement of technology, huge amount of population communicate with the help of a writing instrument. It is still considered as a great tool for communication.

Penmanship is very important in 21st century. It is the base of communication which helps in development of creativity inside a person. It speaks a lot about a person’s mentality. For example if a person writes with big letters and uses the page efficiently than this indicates the person is efficient in using resources. Similarly if a person writes neatly with next to nil mistakes, this indicates the person is good at decision making.

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Till date it is used by students as a tool to study. Handwriting has various benefits associated with it. Studies have shown that handwriting helps in further growth and development of brain. Writing by hands generates idea faster and also increases neural activity. And good handwriting is a great way to impress other, a person with good handwriting is perceived more smarted than a person with bad handwriting.

People with good handwriting are found to have greater self-esteem compared to people with illegible handwriting. Good Handwriting also favors during examination, an answer paper with neat handwriting, create a soothing effect in the tiring eyes of the teacher. It automatically makes the teacher happy and grabs comparatively more marks than those with dirty and illegible handwriting.

People still judge others by the way of their handwriting. There is a science called graphology that helps in determining the personality of a person by the way of handwriting. There is another branch of science that feels one can make his life better by changing his handwriting. There are many books that describe how to write efficiently and in an impressive manner.

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