IntroductionThis was shocked. Firstly, not like usual, the

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IntroductionThis Sunday, I went to two exhibitions from D-project museums located in Hannam, Yongsan in Seoul. Firstly, I visited photo exhibition of photographer Choi LaLa, who usually takes photo of music artists. Then, I was able to reach where another exhibition is happening called ‘Plastic Fantastic’ which they made their art work only with plastics.Choi, LaLa Photo exhibition Choi, LaLa is a man who is famous for taking pictures of k-pop artists like Zico, Zion T, Taeyeon, etc. When I first entered his exhibition, I was shocked. Firstly, not like usual, the wallpaper of the gallery was a total red with dark lights. I was shocked again when I realized that 70%of his pictures were photoshopped like a picture and it was nude picture of a lady. As a man’s perspective, I was shocked. I couldn’t even look to the picture closely because the pictures were mostly nude of a lady. However, by walking through the gallery more than 2 times, I was able to look at it closer and to think about it. Then I realized that most of his nude pictures were facing backwards. His model and him seemed to try to make people to be curious on their work. They were all looking at same direction at the back with different poses in a different place. Secondly, his descriptions were unique too. Most of the art galleries make the description look clear and neat. He also did not have a title or year he took a photo and did a photoshop. So that the people would guess more about it. However, in his exhibition, he wrote his descriptions right on the wall with markers, also with his own hand writing. After analyzing his main part of gallery, I was able to get into a room that is showing his collection of photos that are used as album photo in a lot of artists. Since I was curious about the few album photos about artist called Zico, I was able to realize that his album cover of ‘I am you,You are me’. In this album cover, she is not taking off her clothes, but still she is staring at the back, at the same direction. Through looking through his photos, I thought that he is a weird person. However, by looking it over and over, I thought that he is a very thoughtful person that he tries not to show the emotion of a person by its face emotion.Plastic FantasticAfter looking through Photos of Choi Lala, I went to the D-museum, Plastic Fantastic. Not like photo gallery, this had to pay money to look through it. However, money that I paid wasn’t worthless. I was very impressed from the entrance. It was a ceiling that is made with transparent plastics that has a ring in between. Then the next room was a room that looked like a forest. The floor was a fake grass, and decorated with fake trees and figures. One thing that I got impressed was to express the pond with a mirror. Also, like photo exhibition, this exhibition did not provide the title or year that they made the art work. I first thought that it was a photozone. However, when I looked back through the room the mirrors on floors seemed to look like a pond or a water after a rain. After forest, another stairs with mirrors came out. Then a mirror room came out. I was a little confused if it was a mirror fantastic or a plastic fantastic for a while. However, by looking at plastic chairs art making at the end, I finalized my ideas that it actually was a plastic fantastic. I didn’t know who actually made the artworks, however, the expressions he used such as making the ponds with mirror, placing chairs into a perpendicular position with the wall, he looked creative a little bit.ConclusionAs a whole, I felt like both exhibitions are unique. Moreover, I thought that being an artist should be very creative but also thoughtful. If it is only creative but does not make sense at all, I believe that the artwork will only belong to him but not the people who look at it. Therefore, while looking through exhibitions, I felt a great respect to all artists who express their thoughts freely by breaking stereotypes.

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