INTRODUCTION depends on its countrymen. Larger the

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“Five percent of the people Think.

Ten percent of the people think they think.

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And the other Eighty Five percent would rather die than

The value of an idea lies in the using of it”, are
the famous lines of Sir THOMAS ALVA EDISON who was not only a famous Inventor
but also a successful entrepreneur of his time.


The economic system of
any country depends on its countrymen. Larger the range of employed or running
human beings, better be the economic system. The Indian authorities found out
that Indian people have the capacity to work hard in challenging conditions,
all they want is, a promising start-up. Many human beings dream of commencing
their own business, however because of economic or other comparable issues are
not able to accomplish that. So, Indian govt. Inside the management of  Narendra Modi has decided to offer a gift as
a kingdom clever software- “Start Up India”. Narendra Modi in his speech
recounted that Indians have thoughts and capability, all the need is a touch push.
“Start up India” is a innovative scheme that has been started out to help the
people who wish to begin their own commercial enterprise. These humans have
ideas and functionality, so the government will give them support to ensure
they are able to enforce their ideas and grow. Success of this scheme will in
the end make India, a higher financial system and a sturdy nation. Start Up
India Scheme –From Job Seekers to Job Creators.

India has come a
protracted way in modernizing its economic system, reducing poverty and
enhancing residing requirements for a big phase of its population. It is the
second most maximum populous country in the world. With considered one of the
biggest and youngest populations within the international, it desires to create
millions of correct-first-rate jobs with respectable work surroundings and
infrastructure within the near destiny to make sure Quality dwelling situations
for the widespread majority of its residents.

Our Country is
regularly cited for example of an economic system that is modernizing by way of
leaping without delay into offerings without passing through  manufacturing. Despite our  country notably strong document in phrases of
economic increase over the past decade, its middle class population stays small
and getting a activity isn’t any assure of escaping poverty. Given the Indian
economy’s huge size and giant worldwide linkages, its growth slowdown is a
source of significant situation now not simply locally, but around the globe.







Startup India is a
flagship initiative of the federal government of India, meant to construct a
powerful ecosystem for nurturing innovation and Start ups within the country in
an effort to drive sustainable fiscal growth and generate large scale employment
possibilities. The government by means of this initiative  to empower Start ups to develop via innovation
and design. The purpose behind this initiative is to bring out the
Entrepreneurship skills among the youths of India who are highly talented and
with their enthusiasm , different approach can bring about a vast change in the
Global aspect.


Start Up India Is a
revolutionary scheme since the independence that has been started to help the
common people who wish to start their own business ,this scheme has been one of
its kind where  people having ideas &
capabilities to establish their Business will be supported by the govt. of
India to insure that they implement their ideas and grow up and support the
economy of our nation . Success of this scheme will eventually thrive to make
India a better economy and a strong Nation .With the advantage of demographic
dividend India is one of the most youthful nation with 89% literacy rate among
the youths, the scheme has been coined to encourage the youth of our nation to
move out of the box from working Nine to Five for someone to rather Inventing
their own clock hours.


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