INTRODUCTION also about taking control, a scenario when

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A leader is nothing but a person who proves
himself as vital, I have been a person who had worked in different companies
with different cultural backgrounds.

A new life with fresh new experience was this
MBM course, once my organizational culture and communication paper was
completed. My next eager wait was for Leadership and influence, the reason
behind the eagerness is because this paper is the one to bring out the
leadership in oneself and learn about the purpose, Priorities, and principle in
individual and with the team. following 3p’s 
helped me gain the skills and knowledge by molding me as an effective

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I had always wondered that leadership is
nothing but managing your subordinates in your workplace and making them get things
done, but when I started studying that’s where I realized there is a lot more
to be learned of a good leadership and few things that can be only practically
experienced. The first-day class we had so much of interactive session, we were
asked to fill in an excel sheet with x’s in the box, I wondered what is this
all about but the actual moment was when we had to check out the results about
our transformational and transactional leadership overall. That one sheet of
Excel taught me, where do I stand in Idealized Influence, Inspirational
Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation and Individualized Consideration in
transformational leadership and Contingent Reward Behavior and
Management-by-Exception (Active) in transactional leadership. A person to come
from a background, where he always had a different perspective of education and
was taught to be more of theoretical and bookworm rather than being practical
in his studies and carried an experience of 5 years in his working environment,
was completely new on having a practical and interactive exposure about
leadership. Sometimes leadership is also about taking control, a scenario when
we were separated into groups and were asked to do a presentation about a
famous person who has proved himself as a leader and how did he influence the
society and the organization. With all the learning from the class, it really
helped me to be a good leader among my group and helped me carry forward the
situation and get everyone into a conclusion about the famous person whom we are
going to talk about. Initially, it was tough getting everyone accept for Sundar
Pichai, But after talking about his innovation and about his great leadership
skills I was able to make my team agree for Sundar Pichai. We had so much
coordination that each of us helped each other on selecting who should talk
about what. To a person with a very different mind about leadership and getting
himself transformed from this class was his sole purpose of extending the
leadership skills




I was a person with not many goals and always
wondered to just go with the flow of life. But I ponder why not achieve
something, that’s where I began to think whether I am doing the right thing in
life. I never had a thought of discovering myself as to what I am capable of,
but a day came, which changed my mind like everyone says that was a turning
point in my life. A person who was a site execution engineer, handling hundreds
of labors beneath him and get the work done from them, was the place where it
actually got in his mind that he is capable of more than what he thinks. He
started analyzing over what’s next and that’s when he thought MBM is the
course, which is going make him achieve his goal. I always wanted to become a
BDM in a corporate and MBM was the stepping-stone for it. Leadership and
Influence is a paper, which brings out the true leadership in you and makes you
act as one and be as one. With the goals, which I came here, it makes more
enthusiastic in achieving more and dreaming about the goals. Leadership taught
how I need to move, mold and evolve. It gives me an inspiration how to proceed
as an individual as well in a team. Likewise, when I was assigned to teamwork,
the first thing, which strikes me, was to hear everyone. I have learned that,
when you always give your ears in listening to others what they say, that place
you become a good listener and you respect other words, that really helped in
bring out the right person to the stage and convincing my teammates about the
famous personality and why did we choose him. I learned that in a team being a
leader wouldn’t help, instead, make everyone feel them as a leader and value
their points, which would make me a great leader. These qualities did help me
out learn about cross-culture team works. One of the most important aspect to
be noted here is to hold your teammates at the place where they think they are
low and help them individually to improve their standards which would
automatically improve the group standards as well. Taking all these into
consideration, the group needs a good cohesive bonding with each other for a
strong relationship and support one another to build mutual respect and trust.
With all this taken and making each one as a foundation pillar of the team, is
what made my team stronger achieve on higher grounds. My priorities differ as
an individual and as a team but however, it takes me, from what I have learned
it always helps show my path of leadership and help me use my extensive skills
on the particular field which would help me achieve my goals and help my dream
come true.





To be a leader you need a lot of principles
to follow and they are the one which keeps you to high standards and helps you
sustain your leadership. Likewise, I follow few and I learned a few which needs
to be followed. The 10 Principles which I would like to follow on a daily basis
is :




1.    Leadership Is Behavior, Not Position


Leaders are the ones who take responsibility
for making decisions and bringing change. Leaders are the ones who empower
people to discover and use their greatest potential. The executive position on
someone’s visit card won’t do all of these. People are the ones to choose their
leader. And how will they do that? They will judge by behavior, attitude, and
actions. If you want to be a leader, then act like a leader and shape a better



2.    The Best Way to Influence Is Setting an


Each leader wants to get the best out of
their team. Excellence orientation is great, as there is always need for
development. But here is a simple truth. Instead of telling your team members
what to do, show it to them by your own example. They are following you each
and every moment. Practice what you preach, and the results will astonish you.
Especially during hard times, when chances to give up are very big, you should
be the one who faces obstacles with confidence and determination towards
success. Be sure, that they will do the same and stand by your side.




3. Leading
Means Making an Impact


Think about the greatest leaders in history.
What was the one thing they had in common? Yes, they all made an impact.
Leadership is not just setting goals and effectively achieving them with your
team. Leadership is not just brilliant public speaking and great communication
skills. If you want to be an authentic leader, you should have your unique contribution
to the welfare of the society. You should make a positive change.


Leadership is Chasing Vision, Not Money


Without a vision, your activities are
meaningless. Each person can be very busy implementing various tasks, but the
key is devoting your efforts and time to the realization of your vision. Vision
is what inspires people to take action and go forward. Discover your unique
vision and coordinate all your activities towards it. Inspire each and every
member of your team with that vision.


5. Actions
Speak Louder Than Words


It’s not a secret that much talking and less
acting has nothing to do with effectiveness. What people see affects them many
times greater than what they hear. So, choose actions. Don’t waste your and
other people’s time on endless conversations about your plans. Just realize
that plans and be sure that everyone will see it.

Flexibility May Refer to Behavior, Not Values


Depending on circumstances you may choose a
different style of leadership or communication. Flexibility is a truly
effective trait if it doesn’t affect your values. Each and every decision of
yours, no matter the situation, must be based on your value system. As long as
your actions are value-driven, you will have the trust and respect of people
around you.


Leadership is All About People


Could you be a leader in an empty room by
having profound goals and skills? Of course, not. Leading means communicating,
influencing and engaging. Communication skills are the foundation of effective
leadership. Constantly improve your relationships with people, and the amazing
results won’t make you wait.


8. It Is
Fine To Admit Mistakes


If everything has always been done perfectly,
we would have somehow lost the ability to analyze and improve. Mistakes are
proof that you are doing something. You won’t become a worse leader if you
admit your mistakes. By doing that, you will show that you are wise enough to
learn from your each and every experience.

9. Unity Is


A team is somehow the most important resource
for each leader. Embrace your team and devote your energy to care about its
unity each and every day. As long as your team is splendid, nothing can stay on
your way to success. Make sure that all people in your team consider themselves
as members of a strong, unified family.


10. There Is
Always Room for Growth


Remember, satisfaction should be a short-term
feeling. Life would become useless without ongoing improvement. This doesn’t
mean that you shouldn’t appreciate what you have. This means that you should be
thankful for everything you have achieved, but still try to do a little more
for this world.







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