INTRODUCTION into consideration, the environment at the jobs

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is a term that refers to the condition in which the mind fails to respond
suitably to the environment around as well as the events that take place in the
surroundings around. In other words, it is the response to the stimulus. It can
either be imagined or actual. Taking into consideration, the environment at the
jobs the stress is common, excessive stress can have a drastic effect on the
productivity and performance of an employee as well as his behavior and
personal life. In some cases it can even turn out into a fear of rejection,
domination or termination. Stress is an interaction between an employee and
workplace in extreme conditions. Only a few employees successfully manage their
stress while most of them become victims of depression and isolation.


life is changing at a whirlwind speed and so is the workplace and technologies.
Employees throughout the world suffer due to this common element stress. Stress at work is seen as one of the
major psychosocial risks of work. Numerous studies have been done in the field
of business, regarding the factors leading to work stress and its impact on
employee performance. Stress has the positive and negative effects on the
individuals and their environment. It depends on the individuals whether they
can manage the stress or not. Although for some worker stress is normal, but
over stress can interfere with productivity and impact the emotional and
physical health. The ability to deal with stress can mean the difference
between failure and success. Stress has a positive effect on employees of any
organization, but it depends on how employees cope with it, sometimes it over
limits and has the negative effect on employees.

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Research and Analysis:

Survey by northwestern national life- 40% of workers says that their job is too

Survey by the families and work institute- 26% of workers feel stressed on
their work.

Survey by Yale university- 29% of workers who report they feel very stress at

of stress in the American workplace-

on work has becoming a very common problem in the America workplace. Such as, ¼
of employees find their jobs as the most stressor in their lives.

Approach to job stress-

to the research and analysis of Niosh, working condition can cause stress at
the jobsite. If a worker working in a stressful condition it will affect on
their health and safety. Hence, a worker needs to take care of his health. He
needs to look and find all those factors which affect their health at the
workplace and find the best solution to overcome from these problems. There are
many ways which can reduce the stressful condition-

a balance between work and family or personal life

relaxed and positive point of view

Health, and Productivity
some workers assume that working conditions are the main reason of stress on
workplace that companies should be careful with and take much more concern on
health to be remain profitable in the today’s economy. But analysis shows that
stressful working conditions are associated with tardiness, and intentions
about their job.

organizations have workers with low stress and are in good health. NIOSH finds
a healthy organization in their research which has high level of productivity.

Prevention: – Companies must set a stress-free environment for their employees
and concern about their health. Companies must bring a consultant to recommend
ways to improve working conditions. It is an effective way to deal directly with
the root cause of stress at workplace.








Identify the Problem: The best technique to investigate
the degree and wellspring of a presumed stretch issue in an association depends
somewhat on the span of the association and the accessible assets. Gathering
dialogs among administrators, work delegates, and representatives can give rich
wellsprings of data. Such discourses might be all that is expected to find and
cure push issues in a little organization. In a bigger association, such
dialogs can be utilized to help plan formal overviews for social event
contribution about distressing occupation conditions from substantial
quantities of workers.

2. Design and Implement Interventions: Once the sources of stress
at work have been recognized and the extent of the issue is comprehended, the
stage is set for plan and usage of a mediation methodology.

In little associations, the
casual discourses that distinguished anxiety issues may likewise deliver
productive thoughts for anticipation. In expansive associations, a more formal
process might be required. Regularly, a group is made a request to create
suggestions considering examination of information from Step 1 and interview
with outside specialists.

Target well-spring of worry for

Propose and organize intercession

Impart arranged mediations to

Execute Interventions.

Evaluate the Interventions: Assessment is a fundamental
advance in the mediation procedure. Assessment is important to decide if the
intercession is delivering wanted impacts and whether alters in courses are

Time allotments for assessing
mediations ought to be set up. Intercessions

Lead both short-and long-haul
assessments. Measure worker impression of occupation conditions, stress,
wellbeing, and fulfillment.

Measure worker impression of
employment conditions, stress, wellbeing, and fulfillment.

Incorporate target measures.


to solve stress

1. Learn
Something New: At the point when your body and psyche are
occupied with taking in another range of abilities, it takes a great deal of
core interest. This can have a constructive outcome by upsetting old examples
of stressing and negative considerations.

2. Play a Board Game: Truly,
truly. Not a computer game, not an amusement on your cell phone and not even a
game. Simply round up a few companions, relatives, or locate some well-disposed
outsiders at a prepackaged game club or bistro. Pick a diversion that is
fascinating and testing enough for the entire gathering to keep everybody drew
in—and afterward play!

3. Take a yoga class:
Yoga is one of the immense worry relievers there. With a class for
totally any age or ability level, there ought to be no anxiety about not having
the capacity to keep up or accomplish certain postures. Yoga isn’t a focused
game. A decent yoga class will rest easy and draw in the psyche, also. A few
teachers utilize music, others don’t, so pick one that lattices well with your
own style.




















has become a part of a job in the present scenario. The research concludes that
the stress level is inversely proportional to the productivity of employees at
the work place. The stress levels at the work place are directly attributed to
the conditions of work, the pace of work, the type of work and the technologies
used at the work place. There is a lot that the management can do to protect
their employees from becoming the victims of stress. It will increase the
employer benefits and the work satisfaction of the employee. All in all a
single effort can change the life of many people. It can save many families
from separating, give a new life to the children of those depressed employees
who don’t spend sufficient quality time with their loved ones

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