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Courier service has been around for quite
a while. In ancient times, our forefathers used
to have sprinters or horsemen to convey messages from one place to another,
without the problem of adhering to commonly used slow channels. A modern multi-billion
courier industry service distinguishes a customary mail from speed, tracking, specialization, and individualization of administration, and committed delivery time. The company which masters the above
factors with a low shipping price rules the industry. In our opinion, FedEx possesses three unique
competitive advantages which make them a
global leader, and almost non-competitive. The report will unfold the following
areas in detail:

express package delivery system.

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Colossal infrastructure

Devotion to
innovate and embrace the latest technology.



Guaranteed express
package delivery system:

            The FedEx is one of the most
appreciated companies around the globe which delivers packages. The annual
“World Most Admired Companies” has released that FedEx as the No.1 in delivery
among other. It also provides an enormous
portfolio of transportation.  It
allocates many different aspects of delivering the order like Next flight
solutions, priority overnight deliveries, one-day freight, intercontinental
delivery, economy delivery and much more. These shipments
are the deliveries upon which FedEx thrives. In express package delivery
system, FedEx has three most recognized services which are:

1.)    FedEx

2.)    FedEx

3.)    FedEx


FedEx Express (Orange ‘Ex’): The original overnight courier services, now provide
same day delivery and overnight delivery services in USA and Canada. It covers
220 countries and territories, where time-sensitive
services are supplied by air-ground
through 375 airports worldwide. It has a policy
of guaranteed delivery before time. If
delivery is late by even 60 seconds, the distribution
will be entirely free no matter what
charges were. Full free delivery will be
assisted if they are unable to tell you exactly where your package is
within half an hour. The express delivery of courier is only possible because
of the FedEx trade network and FedEx supply chain which provides logistics
services including critical inventory logistics, transportation management services, fulfillment
services, etc.


FedEx Ground
(Green “Ex”): FedEx
Ground gives customers dependable business-to-business delivery or convenient
residential service through FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx SmartPost. Guaranteed
day-definite delivery within Canada and the United States at saving cost as compared to time-definite FedEx Express. FedEx Ground in Canada performs the business deliveries and
residential deliveries. FedEx was the first company to start same
day packaging delivery system.


FedEx Freight (Red
“Ex”): With
colossal coverage ranging from the U.S,
Canada, Mexico to U.S Virgin Islands, FedEx freight provide LTL options based
on consumers needs. FedEx Freight has two types
of services available based on their customer which are:

FedEx Freight Priority: offers fast-transit delivery of time-sensitive cargo to meet supply chain needs.

FedEx Freight Economy offers
reliable, cost-effective transportation
where the customer can trade time for

It has more than 40,000 employees and 20,000 motorized
vehicles. Daily average shipment is more than 105,000 units.



Colossal infrastructure

            FedEx, with its
spoke-and-hub model, carries a top-down planning model that is hierarchical and
strategic; yet at the meantime, the
organization recognized that some procedures needed to be customized at short notice, such as re-routing flights, ground
route changes according to weight, flight delays due to weather changes. Due to which, a non-failing network rises which
connects the global-local technological webs and nodes of infrastructure. It is
highly organized system yet has the flexibility to deal with the situations that
occurred unexpectedly.



to innovate and embrace the latest technology:

FedEx uses one of the world’s most massive computer and telecommunications
networks to provide real-time package tracking for each shipment. To track the packages company uses Super Tracker,
a hand-held computer device. The information is
downloaded from the Super Tracker to DADS (Digital assisted dispatch
system), which updates the package location in the COSMOS (Customer Operations
Service Master On-Line System). COSMOS is an automatic computerized system
which tracks all the phases of delivery. With
the help of this technology, the real-time tracking
of a package can be done, irrespective of
its size and location.


To be most efficient always FedEx
uses Command and Control system, which with the
help of satellites directs an employee
to deliver the package by the route which is fastest, safest, and surest in any
weather. The system coordinates with FedEx
logistics worldwide and provides the path which makes sure that provided route parcel
is reliable and fast on that selected course.




FedEx deserves to be a global leader in
shipment industry. Excellency achieved by them in transportation, e-commerce, and supply chain while concentrating on the element of delivering the package on stipulated time, is a benchmark which is
hard for their rivals to compete. With continuous vehicles getting added
and upgraded in their fleet; they are increasing their efficiency, as well as
maximizing their profits. With such passion for
innovating and embracing new technologies, it’s leaving an impression on the
world which undoubtedly can’t be overseen.





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