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 Since the rise
and popularization of smart-phones, many mobile applications that sell things
online have been created. These store Apps are designed to assist the user in
purchasing the things online while sitting at home and viewing a variety of
products. Factors that are typically targeted by such applications include products
from every field of life. Applications like this have the potential to motivate
its users in saving time and money and breaking a trend of taking out time to
go to market and waste so much time to look for product.

We will describe the design, development, and
evaluation of an app that will help people to buy fully organic and 100% made
of herbs. This chapter describes the background, problem definition, purpose, goals,
scope, methodology and the limitations of this project.

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Existing System 

                              In the existing system
they only provide the few range of herbs and other things related to herbs are
being given. But all the things are not present on single platform.


Proposed System

                               Proposed online
herbs shopping system will be a very useful. It will provide customer with many
options like following that are not present in the current systems:-


Ø  Languages:- 

                    The application will be
present in two languages that is English that could be understand by the
literate class of the customer and the other language would be Urdu that would
be easily understandable by the most of the targeted customer and they would
also be able to access the application and buy things.


Ø Wide Range:-

                     First time in Pakistan a
wide range of herbs will be provided on the single platform. Now the customer
doesn’t have to visit multiple website for their required need of herbs.


Ø Blogs:-

           Blogs would be written
on almost daily basis by the famous blog writer in the field of herbs so that
the viewer would be able to read about either the new herb discovered in herbs
or something informative related to herb.


Ø Organic Product:-

                          As we know herb is a
single thing from which many products could be made regarding many fields. Like
beauty products (shampoo, conditioner, facial hair remover, perfumes, scrubs),
herbal tea, spices, essential oils, organic honey, home décor (bouquet, wall
hangings, candle wax) salt, health products (herbs pillow), eat-able (sugar,
vinegar, jam, butter) and medicines would be present on this application. Now
the customer doesn’t need to search on different websites to get their product.


Ø Easy Search:-

                       Now time would be saved
by quick search. The customer doesn’t need to scroll the whole application to
find their required thing there will be a pane where the user will write the
name of the disease and the medicine and herb related to that disease will be
displayed and even other products would also be displayed that are related to
the thing user is searching for.



                     Remedies option will
also been given in the application from where the user will be able to know how
to use different herbs to cure the diseases and use for doing other things.




Overweight and obesity are significant public health
problems worldwide with serious health consequences. Globally, 1 in 4 adults is
not active enough. More than 80% of the world’s adolescent population is insufficiently
physically active. Moreover, Research approves that everyone wants to be active
and fit. This creates a need of fitness applications that motivate users to
engage in physical activities. It has been reported by that more
than 46 million people in the world use health and fitness applications in

We are creating a location-based smartphone app to
help people spontaneously meet for different sports activities. Moreover,
people may want to participate in team sports e.g. running but do not know who
else is geographically near them. This application not only tell the users
which one of their friends are near them but also allows to view each other
statistics in order to compete with each other.

Another dimension of the project is that, doctors are
unable to track patient’s physical health conditions. This application will
also have a web portal that will help doctors to view patient’s daily, weekly
or monthly health schedule.




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