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            Education plays a
vital role in the development of human existence from the earliest stage of
civilization to the most complex ways of living. It has two important aspects,
the teaching and learning. It is also multifunctional in character, serving as
it does a multiplicity of objectives and concerns. The operations of the
educational system involve the participants and association of a various body
of professionals. In the educational process, the learner is the vital factor
(Lardizabal 1997). To require a boarder and more diversified concept there is
an essential need for innovation as one of the methods in educational process,
among which are the technology in teaching strategies are integrative
technique, the discovery approach, the process approach, the conceptual approach,
team teaching, special techniques such as role playing, case method, workshops
and seminars, programmed instruction and the use of module.

Learning modules were
tried in Mathematics, Physics, drawing, electronics and electrical subjects, as
well as garment technology.

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            In the field of garments technology, the lessons
emphasized the development of skills in taking body measurements, drafting
pattern into learning modules that may help in enhancing effective learning. In
this manner, the students follow their own pace of learning., work
independently and completely as well as to learn more effectively.

            New education technology is a vital aspect of the teaching
and the learning situation in all levels of education. As educators, teachers
should be willing and capable to implement changes and must be instrument of
changes. Introduction of various strategies, approaches and methods to improve
learning delivery to students is indispensable. In our present state of
education, changes must be given high emphasis and consideration in order to
turn out high quality products, the students, whom the Grade 12 students are
trying to develop become good future assets of the society.

            Thus, instructional module in dressmaking will be used as
a substitute for an absent teacher in learning a lesson that serves as a

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