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Careers in economic development are
generally distributed among three different categories: non-profit, public and
private. Nonprofit organizations provide people with the opportunity to work on
issues of economic development that relate specifically to poverty reduction.
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S. Foreign
Service are some of the several government agencies that focus on distributing
aid to developing countries and overseeing infrastructure projects aimed
towards encouraging economic growth. In addition, many international
governmental organizations (IGOs) deal with issues of economic development. The
United Nations Development Program, Organization for Economic Co-Operation and
Development (OECD) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are a few
examples of agencies that combine the resources of different nations in the
name of global economic development. In the private sector many economic development
positions are with financial institutions and consulting firms that establish
projects geared towards economic growth. There are many different career paths
that economic development practitioners can take, three of the most common are
a Manager, An Analyst and a neighborhood/ community worker.

Job postings examined

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The job postings I examined are as

Economic Development Coordinator- County of Elgin

Development Analyst- MDB insight

Economic development Specialist- Venture Kamloops

Program Facilitator

Economic Development Officer


Define roles and responsibilities of
an economic development practitioner.

The tasks and roles of economic development practitioners are related to
the needs of the situation and the resources required. Based on the five job
postings that I examined an economic development practitioner is responsible
for the implementation and the financial management of the county wide
community improvement plan and its associated activities. The Facilitator initiates
economic development for the community. An economic development practitioner
assists local municipalities, organizations, businesses and individuals to take
advantage of economic development opportunities and work on projects that will
provide economic growth. They support recruitment of participants, depending on
their job title they provide mentorship, coaching, support design of
curriculum, conduct and deliver weekly workshops. As a program facilitator they
would have to conduct ongoing data collection activities for the program’s
evaluation, support in the development of program reports, they would have to
work in tandem with the program Social Worker and Program Manager to help youth
who may be facing a crisis situation. They would also have the responsibility
to be present at community events and serve as ambassadors for their respected


2. Define skills and
personality traits required of economic development practitioners.

An individual working as an economic
development practitioner should have exceptional time and project management,
organizational and communication skills both verbal and written, they should
demonstrate experience creating, building and working within a cooperative team
environment. They need to possess a post-secondary degree in business, economic
development or related course of study. They should have the ability to
effectively articulate viewpoint and contribute to brainstorming sessions,
project dialogues and manipulate data in MS Excel. They need to demonstrate
strong analytical skill set, fueled by curiosity, creativity, and a passion for
discovery. Some personal traits required would be the ability to multitask and
prioritize duties and be a self-starter. Economic development practitioners
should have the ability to communicate constructively in a positive, confident
and respectful manner (written and oral) to internal and external stakeholders.


3. Define personal
strategies for entering or advancing in the economic development profession.

Individuals who want to become
professional economic developers can build on degrees in urban and regional
planning, public policy, economics, regional science, geography or related
disciplines tailoring their course work to focus on economic development.
Individuals can apply for training and certification courses through the IEDC (International
Economic Development Council) that is the world leader in economic development
education and training. The IEDC provides practical educational tools to help
students expand their economic development knowledge, effectiveness, and gain
professional recognition. There are also several organizations namely Canada’s
national organization of economic development EDAC that offers its members
professional development, networking opportunities and a comprehensive offering
of resources so becoming a member of the EDAC would be definitely be a good

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