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Migration is a movement from one place to another. There has been an
increase in migrants from rural to urban lately. Womens are more migrated than
mens. When they are migrated they leave their childerens and husbands, family
and also their villages. So that they could help their family. Most of them
come from their village to addisababa is for them to stop over on their way to
Saudi Arabia, dubai, quatar. When they stay on addisababa girls work as a
ousehold servants. The boys will work as a watch man(picket). They also face
lots of trouble from their village to addisababa. Some rural people get
attracted to the urban areas because of the education, health services,
security, better job, they might also run away fromtheirfamillys and their
husband because of many reasons they might also come for their basic need or
other needs.

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Rural to urban migration has contributed for half of the urban population
growth in Africa in 1960s and 1970s and about 25% of urban growth in 1980s and
1990s(Waddington and sabates wheeler, 2003; adepoju, 1977; lolletal, 2006)

Deperation is likely felling sad and that felling will pass it will not
stay for long. And it is a mmod from low spirits to a sereceproplem that interferes
with everyday life. It also will make people fell hopeless about the future.They
may have difficulty of sleeping. If we are highly depressedwe may think about
suicide or death.Deperession affect different peoples in different ways.

For example:-womens has depression mor than men.
And if a women is depressed she will fell sadness, worthlessness, and guilt.

Men :-when mens are depressed they are tired and
some times they get angry and also they may have sleeping proplem. Many
mensdonot recognize their depression.

Older adults:- they are likely to admit to
feeling of sadness or grief. And also have medical conditions, such as heart
disease, which may cause to depression.

Younger children:- they refuse to go to school
and pretend that they are sick.

Older childerens and yeenages:- they will cause
trouble in school. Theybmay  get a
symptoms of other disorders, such as anxiety, eating disorders, or substance

Scientists at NIMH(National institute of mental health) studied that a
combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors
play a role in depression. Depression can be treated by visiting psychaiatrist
or psychologist.

Resrech questions

General objective

The general objective is to see depression among migrants from rural to

Specific object

What is the cause that they are migrated from
rural to urban.

What are the different types of challeng they
face while they travel from rural to urban.

What are the consequences of rural to urban

Data collection instrument

Thhe instruments used for this study will be questionnaries written in
ameharic language it is because some of them might not understand English.
Theequestionaries was designed by the reserrchertoo seek information from the
participants. The data of the study will be requiring, age of respondents,
education level and gender. The questionnaires will be constructed by
considering the research questions and hypotheses raised for the study. Each
column will be provided with question items to give the best felling of the
respondent on the 4 point likert scale i.e strongly agreed, agreed, strongly
disagreed, and disagreed. The scale will be scored as follows; strongly
agree=4, agree=3, disagreed=2, strongly disagreed=1.

Data collection procedure

First ask the teachers to help me get a support letter from the
department of psychology, a letter which will help too conduct the research to
the cajoler. After getting the permission snd support letter from the head
department. Go to the cajoler and ask for another permission to give my
participants the questionarries. After he cajoler gives permission the
participants will be selected and will bee given an orientation about the study
and its purpose also about the question which is going to be filled and also
inform them to fill the question properly. After the data is collected I will
thank the participants for filling the questioneries paper and the cajoler for
helping me to do the research paper after I collect all the datas I will
translate the result from Amharic to English.


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