Ni Hard 4 cast iron is
coming under the category of white cast iron. Ni hard 4 cast iron is a special
purpose Alloy. Ni-Hard 4 is a 9% – Cr and 5% – Ni white iron designed to give a
structure with rod or blade like eutectic carbides. Carbon content of Ni-Hard 4
is kept between 2.8 and 3.2wt% as a compromise between abrasion resistance and
fracture toughness.

Due to the chemical
composition of Nickel to determine the grade 4 of this material.

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 A minimum content of about 5wt% Ni should be
maintained to inhibit pearlite formation during slow cooling of the casting.
Silicon addition above 1.5wt% hinders the peritectic reaction and thus favours
the formation of entirely eutectic M7C3 carbides.

Ni Hard 4 white cast iron
with the alloying element of Nickel, Chromium, Silicon, Manganese, Carbon and
rest of them Iron especially alloying element such as Nickel and Chromium to
give High Hardness and good abrasion resistance. Ni hard 4 cast iron used in an
application of concrete mixer, pipe fittings etc.

The Ni hard 4 is also
names as High chromium white cast iron.

 Ni hard 4 casting was done by induction
furnace at a melting point of 1600°C.Ni hard 4 cast iron has a base hardness of
600 HV so it is used as a high strength application

Some of them worked in a
Ni hard 4 cast iron a Bulk modification process No one has done in an
investigation of surface property Using GTAW technique. In the present study,
Surface modification using GTAW as a heat source of NHWCI to investigate
hardness, wear rate and microstructure of modified and base metal.

The vanadium content
added to the Ni-hard 4 cast iron to observe the mechanical properties. Due to
the 2% of vanadium concentration the properties like hardness and wear
resistance is improved because of better refinement of chromium carbide 1.

NHWCI is a excellent wear
resistance reported that the effect of titanium that added to the NHWCI to
improve the properties of material. The result showed that the concentration of
titanium percentage increased by 2% because of that the properties of base
material is improved 2.

3 reported that the
types of Ni hard cast iron subjected to heat treatments. The NH2 samples
subjected to 480c duration of 4hrs and nh4 treated by 790c duration of 4-8 hrs.
Based on the heat treatments NH4 sample the properties are improved by 22.5% compared
to Heat treated NH2 sample.

4 reported that the ni
hard 4 cast iron subjected to heat that the heat treatment like
destabilization was carried out 820c for 4h and sub critical treatment was
carried out three different temperatures.

5 As the sn content
increases the alloy base and GTAW modified layer properties is increased.

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