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The demand for the food and other foods is
increasing in the marketplace. As such, nutritional foods and drinks are
considered to be safer, more nutritious and tastier than conventional food. Due
to the higher standard of living and healthier lifestyle, the demand for the
nutritional food and the drinks is accelerating, despite the products being
sold at premium price. Different researches concludes with the understanding of
consumers’ perception of healthy foods and their determinants are key success
factors for market orientation and development and for successfully negotiating
market opportunities. In the last years of several years, the study of
empirical studies of consumer products, the study of foodstuffs, and the
production of foodstuffs. At the same time, it is essential to consider that it
is a product of the market, and that it is a product of the market. . So health
information has been proven to influence choice and other attitudinal and
intentional variables in food science studies. Some evidence exists that health
information increases consumer awareness or expectations about the healthiness
of a product and produces more positive attitudes towards it likewise; health
claims influence consumer preferences and increase their intention to purchase
the product. In the same time providing food quality or safety information to
consumers may result in considerable welfare effects. Information is more
likely to be efficient and effective when it comes to understanding and
understanding of the audience. Based on the previous considerations the main
intention of the current paper is to investigate the factors which influence
the consumer intention to purchase nutritional foods and drinks.

Introduction to nutrition

The method of nutrition is defined by the method
of an animal or a food product. Essential nutrients include protein,
carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Normally, 85% of daily
energy is 15% and 15%


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