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    Indian writing in English
represents the authors who write in the second language and whose regional language
is usually one of the numerous languages. Indian English Literature is an
effort of showcasing the rare gems of Indian Writing in English.   The genres of English Literature like poetry,
drama, novel, prose and non-fiction represents the life style of the native
people. The bulk of Indian English Literature is formed in the name of novel.
The first Indian novel in English was “Raj Mohan`s wife “published in the
Calcutta weekly in 1864 and it was written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee .In the
beginning of Indian English Literature begun the works of Michael Madusudan Dutt
followed by R.K.Narayan, Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao and they are called the
trilogy of Indian Writing in English Literature and they are contributed to
Indian fiction in the 1930`s.It is also joined with works of Indian Diaspora
.Indian Writing has turned out to be a new form of Indian tradition and voice
India spoke regularly. These talented writers have won national and
international literary awards and also a Nobel price. The earliest novels were
written in Bengali as a Bengal was the first region to come under the
domineering rural influence of the British.

Tagore wrote in Bengali and he translated his work “Gitanjali”in1913 into
English and it gains the Nobel Prize for Literature. Other major writers who
have born Indian or Indian origin and derive much inspiration for Indian themes
are R.K.Narayan, Ahmad Ali, Aamir Ali, K.A.Abbas, K.S.Venkataramani, Bhabini Bhattacharya,
Arun joshi ,Balchandra Rajan, G.V.Desani ,Rama Mahta, Vikram Kapur. English
language writers of Indian descent have been published in the West at an
astonishing rate. A special fiction issues of The New Yorker Magazine devoted
much space to essays by Arundathi Roy,and Salman Rushdie .The earliest
fictional efforts were story rather than novels properly appeared in Journals
.The Post independent India fiction hire the momentum the novel had reached
during the Gandhian  Era. Bhabini
Bhattacharya is the social realist of this period and he is strongly influenced
by Tagore and Gandhian fictional theory .Fiction in current era has become
introspective and individual quest for the meaning in people life has become a
major theme. In the same way talented writers are like Salman Rushdie and
Post-Rushian novelist like Amitav Ghosh, Vikram Seth, Vikram Chandra, Upmanya
catterjee. Indian historical novels are written before Post –Independence after
Post Independence .These novels are dealt in situation of freedom struggle and

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1920 Indian English Literature was strongly influenced by the epoch making
political social and ideological excite caused by the Gandhian Movement. The
influence of Gandhism is proved strongly on Venkataramani`s novel. The new
Indian novel must be written in English the only language considered capable of
snatching modern substantial realities like Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and left need
not apply .The construction of Indian novel in English joined with a companion
piece of modernity and the region one of the most notable gifts of English
education to India is Prose, Poetry, fiction though India was probably the base
head of storytelling. The Indian English fictions from the beginning to 1930
explain the glorious of India`s past, superiority of Indian civilization in
relation to Eroupe. Writing in English has started in working magical realism,
bagginess, non –linear narrative. Vikram Seth is a writer who treats the purer
English and more realistic themes.

   The critical studies of their work were
guided to find out how far they had been successful in giving expression to the
reality around them. The writers settled in foreign countries and the one who
divide their time between India and abroad have contributed much to this rapidly
developing sub-genre of English Literature. Their fictional works become more
significant for developing expression to cross cultural encounter from a
different perspective. The works of Bharati Mukherjee , Jhumpa Lahiri ,Anita
Desai, Kiran Deasi, Kavita Dasvani and V.S. Naipaul to name a few arrange an
inside view of the problems faced by the people in their adopted homes in a
way  that questions the traditional
understanding of the concepts like house, native and alien.

concluding two decades of the twentieth century witness rise out of a large
number of Indian novelists like Deepa Mehta, Sashi Deshpande, Aravind Adiga,
Chetan Bhagat, Anita Desai, Kiran Desai etc. These Indtan writers are able to
maintain their identity by showing strong hold on theme and style.     R.K.Narayan,s
novels represented his fictitious town of Malgudi .But Chetan Bhagat`s novel
conveyed the easy going disturbance and 
various struggle for youth to lead a happy life in the society .Modern
Indian novelist are much interested in the presentation of modern man`s opinion
to the world .The modern man is situated by different problems. It is too
difficult for modern man to live in such rules and conditions.

    To a
considerable prolong a large number of contemporary novelists are concerned
with the questions of alienation, rootlessness, disillusionment and grief
caused by conflicts. All this novelists are deeply occupied with modern man`s
struggle for survival in this world. Almost all the                      contemporary novelists are
preoccupied with the thought of identity. In the last ten years the novels like
 Jhumpa Lahiri`s “The Name Sake”, SalmanRushdie`s”
The Ground Beneath Her Feet”, Aravind Adiga`s “The White Tiger”, Chetan
Bhagat`s “Five Point Someone” ,”The 3 Mistakes of My Life” are able to project
the various  facts of life in India in
the contemporary globalization era and rapid development.

   Indian English novelists in the twentieth
century are more involved in the presentation of life beyond conflict, clash
and confusion in culture, loss of believe in morality, depression and confusion
of the modern generation .On the other hand some writers represented the day to
day issue of the Indian culture which reflected the personal life of Indian
citizen .Among them human survive in relation with globalization, commercialism
and universalism are some of the most important themes presented by the modern
Indian English Novelist.




Bhagat acquired a position of a novelist after the novelists of Ashok Kumar Banker,
Kiran Desai. He is a popular Indian author who penned down novels that reach
the market with great success. Chetan Bhagat was born on 22nd April
1974 on a Punjabi family in New Delhi. His father was an Army officer and his
mother was a government employee in the field of agricultural department.
Chetan has one younger brother and his name is Ketan Bhagat. Ketan Bhagat is
also a novelist .Chetan had completed his schooling at The Army Public School,
Dhaula Khan in New Delhi. He had completed his Chetan Bhagat acquired a
position of a novelist after the novelists of Ashok Kumar Banker, Kiran Desai.
He is a popular Indian author who penned down novels that reach the market with
great success. under graduate in B.Tech Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute
of Technology by New Delhi in the year 1995 .In1997; he continued his post
graduate degree in the field of management from the Indian Institution of
Management at Ahmedabad. Then he attended an interview in the field of
Investment Banking Company and that company name is Goldman Sachas and he
finally got the job after 27Internal interviews. Then he was appointed as an
investment banker on Goldman Sachas one another branch in Hong Kong.  

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