ut what marijuana is and what itsaffects are , and should marijuana be legalized or not?
I. Maijuana is a drug from dried up parts of the hemp plant cannibis. Marijuana
isnt a narcotic. Marijuana cancause hollusinations and slows down the cardination
and impared ability to preform skilled acts. In 4,000 years of history no one has ever
died from a pot over dose.

II. I think that marijuana should be legalized for many reasons. Another reason is
because if marijuana was legalized our jails wouldnt get full becauseof all the
people who get caught with the possecion of marijana. Some otherbenifits of
legalizing marijuana is by lifting the ban of marijuana use and treating it like other
drugs such as tobbaco and alcohol, the nation would gain immediate and long term
bennifits. This change in law would greatly improve the quality of life for many
people. Victims of glaucoma and those needing antinausea treatment, for example,
would find marijuana easily available. If the madical advantages that are claimed
for marijuana are real,many more patients would benifit. Another good thing is that
the doctors could get on with investigating marijuanas medical uses with out fear of
controversy.The last reason is the Fedral government would benifit two ways,
Firstthe fedral revenues would increase, because marijuana ciggaretes would be
taxed at the point of sale. The companies that make the ciggaretes would also pay
income taxes. Secondly there would be a reduse in the amount spent on law
enforcement efforts to apprehend and procecute users and sellers of marijuana.
III. There are reasons why marijuana shouldnt be legal. One reason is because
there wasonestudy that shows their were about 55% of all fatal accidents in the U.S.

were related to alcohol intoxication. Marijuana may prevent similar risks. Another
reason why is because it causes LSD or large doses can cause this. LSDcan cause a
person to develop amental illness.
IV. In 1970 11% of all high school seniors said they were using marijuana every
day. In 1975 about 27% said thay had used marijuana sometime in the previous
month. In 1978 the monthly users grew up to 37% then in 1986 it dropped to 23%
and in 1987 dropped again to 12%.
Conclusion: . Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the U.S. among young
people. No one knows exactly how many have tried marijuana but they estimate
thatabout 24 million people about 1/10 in the U.S. have tried marijuana.

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