Introduction: (100 words)

CE1.0                     In
February 2012, started my career in M/s TATA Sikorsky Aerospace Ltd. designated
as a Team Leader-Production. I worked on project titled “Sikorsky S92
Helicopter- Detail parts manufacturing” for a reputed Aerospace client “Sikorsky”.  It is a Green field project established at Hyderabad-India.  My employer is on its way towards
becoming the global supplier of choice of global aerospace OEMs. The programs
are nurtured with the highest level of customer focus and safety, delivered
through robust quality systems, procedures and practices certified to AS- 9100,
NADCAP standards.

Background: (500 Words)

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CE1.1                     At
my Endeavours as a Team Leader, with a big team under me as depicted in the
Organization Chart below.  In this
project, I was privileged to get an opportunity to interact closely with global
aerospace OEM’s, clients and visitors like Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, in
particular; among others.  I performed
various roles and took up multiple responsibilities during the course of
project to produce 1800 unique parts.

CE1.2                     The
Nature of the Project was to understand the product features keenly and its
functionality.  In pursuit of this endeavour,
I spent lot of time in studying the design and Engineering drawings of the parts
and also capabilities of machines to perform this operation; so as to get a
feel for the component and have a closer look at the functional aspects of each


CE1.3                     Regular
meetings with cross-functional team members; as well as production technicians
were necessary during every milestone of the project.  I interacted closely with Quality Personnel
and end-users; so as to understand their requirements and concerns on the
product; while providing appropriate solutions to address their problems as and
when it arose. 

CE1.4                     I
took up the role of new product development viz. Forming of Critical
components using Hydro forming machine and Aluminium form blocks; which was very
critical in reducing handling efforts and proving the parts formed by ensuring
parts meeting the Engineering i.e. E=M.

CE1.5                     The
Core Objective of the project was to prove out the parts fabricated
and the process capabilities used in fabrication in a short period of time.

Objective of the project was
safe and tidy work centres. Third Objective was to reduce the cost of fabrication by eliminating
waste by nearly 40%.  Final
Objective was to implement
proved manufacturing process to ramp up the production with optimized cost and
easy method to operation.

CE1.6  My Roles and Responsibilities in the Project:

Played the crucial
role of a production engineer for technology identification for components
fabrication and by using production readiness review method was prepared to
start production or FAI, wherein I mentored 35 highly qualified technicians and
5 methods engineers.


Understood the
types of aerospace sheet metal parts, tools and its assembly structure and
their functional aspects.


Interpretation of
aerospace engineering drawing for sheet metal parts and the tools used; and its
manufacturing, testing and assembly processes.


Process mapping
and Value stream mapping.


Fishbone diagram
with failure mode effect analysis (FMEA).


Inspection and fit
check of new tools prior to fabrication


Mistake proofing,
Poka yoke, Report generation/ control plan.


Worked with tool
designers, fabricators and provided design and fabrication solutions.


Core member of MRB
(Material review board) CFT team to conduct RRCA / FMEA analysis.


Prepared SOP
(Standard operating procedure) forming machines with training from OEM’s and by
studying Operation manuals of machine.


Supported and
prepared manufacturing instruction sheet and Visual aids for operations.


Worked with Supply
chain to resolve technical queries of multiple suppliers and assisted them in
tool procurement and helped in negotiating the Quoted price for fabrication of
tools and fixtures based on manufacturing complexity.


Representative for
sheet metal shop in presenting the progress of task to the top management.


knowledge of Aerospace standards and took cognizance of same during the course
of providing Engineering Solutions


Performed allied
duties as required on the job


Engineering Activities: (1468 Words)

CE1.7                     As
soon as I conceptualized the thought of fundamental Sheet Metal parts
fabrication for FAI, I considered the whole operation as in my purview; thanks
to my rich experience.

CE1.8                     To
start with, I concentrated on the Engineering drawings and particulars,
utilizing their subtle elements that was given as part of project
specifications/ outline.

CE1.9                     I
recorded down the issues in the process like raw material selection, bend
radius and angle etc. among others; thus, holding the forming process.

CE1.10                  I noticed poor offset in form
blocks tooling pins position and bend radius mismatch prompting shift in formed
mould line; thus, a noteworthy level 3 defect. 
was defined as a complex problem that warranted
me to set it right and obtain clearances from the Technical Director
coordinating the project; who was operating from Stratford! 

CE1.11                  I
involved in a range of prior learning options – I refreshed my knowledge with
some of my engineering subjects, Consulted Sheet Metal Aerospace experts and
browsed the internet to find solutions, integrated same with customer
specifications; thus, eventually resolved the problem on hand.  The problem did not end there i.e. I had the
responsibility thereon to decrease process time in Heat treatment section due
to material handling, which was affecting the surface straightness on parts.  However, the Bottlenecks reference prompted
me to take cognizance of Health and Safety (HSE) issues on Shop floor practice

CE1.12                  Prior
to beginning of the project, I gathered enough material on standard working
procedures, critical customer specifications etc.  The onus was on me to work with Creation Layout
Design Group and mentor them. 

CE1.13                 I
considered the “necessities” from those archives as the most indispensable
ones, which gave me right direction all through the production process.  I treasured technical data sourced for future
use in the project.

CE1.14                  I
was single point of contact (SPOC) with client to take calls on Technical
problems encountered by them on quality related issues.  Thus, I upgraded my skills on re-working
skills with most recent data obtained from the team and sourced through my
prior learning options as well.  I
advised Manager of each group to name their agent for the task.  I lead the cross-functional group (CFG) and
was in-charge of whole yield of the plant. I got the support for this time
arrangement from concerned authority on site, which helped me to immediately
submit the sourced data to concerned teams. 

CE1.15                  I had to update
the client on weekly basis on Progress of production.  The process flow I designed was of less of
obstacles; thus, portable as compared to the bulky design it was hitherto.  The client support I provided was predominantly
through WebEx Video conference; as the clients were spread across the
globe.  I streamed same data to the cross
functional groups.

CE1.16                  I recorded minutes of meeting
with the CFGs and co-appointment for production exercises, which projectile
focuses were painstakingly followed by me being cognizant of basic issues.  This gave clear beginning of the creation of
core objectives as set for the project. I worked in close association with
Engineering teams and verified all data as received back from CFGs.

CE1.17                  Component
trials were conducted revealed a host of defects, which was fixed by my team
under my astute guidance.  It was a
learning experience indeed; same also provided me with an opportunity to know
the reasons for conceivable failures that normally happen in various stages of
production.  I devoted time enough on
tooling supplier site to comprehend the complex procedures encountered in
production stages; thus could troubleshoot issues by taking a lead and also
being accessible to my team playing the role of their mentor!

CE1.18                  I went to client office during
various phases of the project, when significant developments happened;
including the most important ‘First article inspection’ (FAI). Some of said FAI
issues were to meet precision tolerance and weight of the part should meet
engineering drawing requirements, Part of new created item, extraordinary
apparatus for cutting and forming operations and so on. I efficiently tackled
such issues with virtually no assistance from the client; rather involving
myself into a range of prior learning options and automated the system for easy
use.  I submitted Inspection reports to
client and could succeed in obtaining their approval for production

CE1.19                  Conducting
weight and dimension inspection was a significant turning point in the
component manufactured by me.  I
completed all tests on time as per client specifications.  It was a proactive methodology of work
culture followed by me, spending quality time to comprehend test determinations
/ necessities; by working in cohesion with the operators and engineering
team.  Same gave time enough for the
group to proactively think as well and be ready for future tests.  In the process, I helped the team to conduct
all tests as required on job; adhering to client specifications and ensuring
that none of the tests are missed out using control plan.

CE1.20                  The test report generated on
the FAI part produced by my guidance on VSM site designed by me was submitted
for approval to the client.  The report
explained broader issues of time-management among other benefits as required in
production process.  The completed
reports on approval, were thereon transferred into item life cycle
administration database.

CE1.21                  A Senior Administration group
was responsible for approval of the project and give a go ahead for future
stages of the project.  I arranged time
and motion study trails to be conducted replacing non-value added activities,
so as to decrease procedure waste.  Same
done through established industrial practices such as SMED and PFMEA and
augment production reducing cost and time; both.  I prepared a costing report and submitted to
Bill of Material division for approval. 
On approval, a Task Status was displayed in corridors of workplace for the
production team to take due cognizance of such modern methods of working. 

CE1.22                  Through
consistent enhancements in procedures and design; I augmented production and
helped in reducing assembly costs that was soaring with each passing day.  The tasks included configuration changes and
accepting the outline through a progression of suggestion tests for
sourcing.  My team felt that it could be
hard to convince the client for such a change; just to avoid costs and ignoring
the innumerable advantages the system had to offer.  I gave demos to the client on practicality of
the system, which was based on ground reality of issues.  I was firm to go with such systems; thus,
proved my points beyond and more; to ultimately win the heart of my client by
providing due clarity on the subject.

CE1.23                  The
4 weeks VSM training programme undergone by me helped me to design a system to
adjust levels of production flow. 
Besides, another 2-week orientation on FMEA (an instructional course)
helped me to gain knowledge enough on procedures to be followed in
manufacturing of aerospace components. 

Encountered and Solutions Provided:

CE1.24                  Initially
while Designing the VSM layout; the Form block storage area got reduced and
obviously with that the space also. 
However, it was a flawed design. 
That is, there was hardly 780 m2 area for storage against the planned of 6162m2. Same was causing difficulties to the operating team in
form block handling.  After investigating
the problem, I decided to propose for vertical storage Carousal which can be
placed in 780m2 instead of Horizontal storage system. which was aimed to
overcome the problem of less space for tools storage.  This re-design was also keeping in mind the Ergonomics,
Health and Safety issues of the technicians and operating team.  

CE1.25                  As
I did not have enough knowledge to efficiently handle the PROBLEM on hand; I
had to investigate the subject and gain more knowledge on same. Therefore, I
went to my basics and referred my engineering subject on “Production technology
and Material Handling Experimental Techniques”. 
I further analysed the problem using Brain Storming activities. I modified
the design , which helped me to compute the space as indicated by the
methodology.  I found that the outline
cycles were still lower than what the client expected as such, I
proposed option technique i.e. implementing POKA YOKE methods and
modified the form blocks.   I found the
right solution i.e. it helped in mistake proofing and at the same time ensuring
zero defects that cost overheads are not overshooting. thereby addressing the forming
mould line shift and bend radius issue. 
Besides, the design permitted forming in single Press, avoiding
re-pressing tasks; which saved time and money. 
The client was eventually happy of this design change and approved the
project as coming well beyond their expectations.  The client and my management alike; showered
praise on my unstinted efforts on the count sans the odds faced by me at every
stage of this project.

(100 words)

CE1.26                  This
was one of my best Green filed project experiences, as it gave me an
opportunity to work with a diverse group of Engineers.  The set objectives of the project were duly
met.  I provided feasible design
solutions for production process flow for sheet metal components fabrication by
implementing a user-friendly and flexible VSM layout design. The process
capabilities were improved.  Tidy work
centres was ensured by me; giving due credence to Occupational Health and
Safety issues.  The project cost was
reduced and was well within the stringent budget.  My team acclaimed my efforts and the project
was well received by my client. My employer was pleased and suitably rewarded
me too!

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